PSG-OM: much more than a warm reunion

Since the very agitated first leg of September 13, won by Marseille at the Parc des Princes (1-0) in a deleterious atmosphere – 5 red cards, a spitting of Di Maria, the start of a general fight and accusations of racism and homophobia between Neymar and Alvaro – many had checked on February 7, date of the return match at the Vélodrome. Finally, the health crisis and the disrupted schedule oblige, Paris and Marseille meet again this Wednesday evening (9 p.m.), in Lens, for a new Champions Trophy in the middle of January.

To raise the temperature, the Marseillais launched hostilities on Monday by André Villas-Boas. Asked about the importance of this match for his club, which has not won a title since 2012, the Portuguese coach affirmed that “OM have not won since PSG changed the face of French football”. “This is the reality of the most unbalanced championship in the world. The norm is that the PSG wins all the national competitions ”, he developed.

This Tuesday, Mauricio Pochettino did not seek to reply. “I have a lot of respect for my colleagues, especially for André, he reacted to the declaration of his predecessor in Tottenham. He knows the French championship because he has been there for more time. I don’t want to get into controversy. “

The return of Neymar spices up the meeting

This does not prevent Villas-Boas from planning a “hot” match that his team will approach with “humility, but also aggressiveness and intensity”. For the Marseille coach, the September duel was “out of control but more because of them than us”. Here again, Pochettino remains calm: “We weren’t there. We can’t talk too much about it. “

Keylor Navas, the Costa Rican goalkeeper, ensures that today, in the Parisian locker room, we are not talking of revenge, far from it, but of a final to be won. With the return of Neymar on the lawn, the meeting will certainly take on an additional dimension. “We are not going there to provoke PSG, we are going there to play, to win and to show what we are capable of, tempers the Marseillais Nemanja Radonjic. I hope it will be a great game and that there will be no problem like last time. “

Mauricio Pochettino spoke to his players to make them less nervous than in September. “Because emotional control is the key in football,” he says. Before launching, with passion: “If we win, we know that it will bring a trophy, but the most important thing is pride, much more than the titles. Words wise enough to calm the spirits? To have.

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