PSG: Pochettino will decide “every game” between Navas and Donnarumma

Mauricio Pochettino therefore decides not to decide. For the moment, PSG will not have a clear hierarchy for the goalkeeper position, for which two of the best in the world are fighting: Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma. “It’s a decision that we must make like others in a workforce of 27 or 28 players, specifies the Argentine coach after the success acquired in Finistère on Friday. There is only one goalkeeper who can start the match, the decision will be taken each time in the interest of the group. “

At the Francis-Le Blé stadium in Brest, the two goalkeepers were part of the same group for the first time in the PSG season. And it was the 34-year-old Costa Rican who started out as the holder. If he can do better on the first Brest goal, signed Honorat (41st), the former Real Madrid is not guilty on the second. The fact remains that in a climate of permanent competition, each potential error will be closely scrutinized. Each rescue also, like a decisive stop on Pierre-Gabriel (77th).

But for the 4th day of Ligue 1, Sunday August 29 in Reims, Gianluigi Donnarumma could therefore steal Navas’ place in the goal. Best player of Euro 2021, the keeper of the Italian European champions has not joined PSG to sit on the sidelines all season. He is hungry for meetings and victories despite his still young age (22 years).

The staff of Pochettino has been considering all the solutions for weeks in order to manage a burning competition on paper, as a possible alternation between competitions. How can Navas, irreproachable since 2019, be threatened by another keeper? So far, the triple winner of the Champions League (2016, 2017, 2018) keeps smiling and his concentration. But he is now warned: Gigio Donnarumma is there and there.

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