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When was he born (August 12, 1970), 15 editions of the European Cup had already been played (today ) and Real Madrid had won it six times. The context serves to illustrate the historical void that has a club that is weeks away from passing 50 years of life and since its inception has longed to be as big as its city. A dream that for now seems utopian, despite the : , Gianluigi Donnarumma, Wijnaldum and Acraf Hakimi joined stars as , , Marquinhos, Marco Verratti and a long etcetera.

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“PSG was born when the sheikhs arrived”, declared without mincing words Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2016, when he was still a player for the Parisian team. True to form, frontal, but with a certain reason. Before the arrival of Nasser Al-KhelaifiIn 2012, the French team had only won two leagues and at some point was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, with the injection of the petrodollars they have seven local tournaments in a row. Last season they fell behind champion Lille because they focused on the Champions League, the competition they dream of and is the first step to achieve greatness. Or at least recognition in Europe. For something one starts.

But in the Champions League they also fell. In the semifinals, the Manchester City, another club that seeks to be part of the elite with the money of the Arab sheiks, eliminated them. A season earlier, 2019-20, they reached the final, but succumbed to Bayern Munich of Germany.

Ups and downs of PSG this season so far.  (Photo: Transfermarkt)
Ups and downs of PSG this season so far. (Photo: Transfermarkt)

Nasser Al-Khelaifi came to Paris to change the life of PSG. The club that opened the doors of Europe to a skilled 20-year-old Brazilian named Ronaldinho in 2001, dreams big these days. If at the beginning of the century he paid five million for ‘R10’, in 2017 he disbursed 220 million for Neymar. That’s how drastic the change in bank accounts was, although there is still no breakthrough in the separate space of the trophy case for international championships.

To the 1,315 million euros invested from 2011-12, PSG added 76 million this season: 60 to Inter for Judge and 16 to Porto for Danilo Pereira, player who was on loan. Donnarumma, Wijnaldum Y Sergio Ramos They came at no cost. And, according to the French press, it could also arrive Christian romero, the Argentine central who broke it in the America Cup, for 17 million more.

With five official signings and one in negotiations, the question that everyone in football is asking is: what about the fair play financial where is? While the biggest clubs in Europe (call each other Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc.) take care of their accounts after the losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Paris there seems to be no problem.

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Is UEFA looking to “help” PSG?

Let’s start from the explanation of what the fair play financial and how it works. According to This establishes that no team can spend more than it earns in order to have an economic control of the clubs and that their losses do not affect them. This rule only applies to clubs participating in European competitions (Champions League Y Europa League). That is, the PSG he is obliged to fulfill it.

Taking into account the above, the French table, according to the newspaper The team, presented in January of this year a report to the DNCG (National Directorate of Management Control) of the French Professional Football League with a forecast of losses of up to 204 million euros for the 2020-21 season, 60% more than last year. The numbers in red should have affected the hiring of Hakimi, Danilo and even the renewal of Neymar until 2025, but no. The strategy – supposedly – would be to sell players and the only one who left income for now has been the Dutch Mitchell Bakker, who went to Bayer Leverkusen for seven million euros. The departure of Mbappé al Real Madrid in the last week of the transfer market.

The great team that PSG could present this season.
The great team that PSG could present this season.

Immersed in questions about financial fair play, many remember what was said by Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA, after the Super League fell, a VIP tournament promoted by big clubs in Europe without having PSG, for example. We must adapt financial ‘fair play’ to new needs and protect those who are investing in clubs, correcting some of the injustices that the FPP may have brought about in some circumstances. We will do it. We will come out stronger from all this “, Ceferin had said, after “threatening” the entities immersed in the contest that was about to end with the Champions League.

Given this, the newspaper L’Equipe announced in a report in April this year that “UEFA will improve and correct financial fair play”. And in its subtitle it announced that “Clubs will have more flexibility”. Even if it does not disappear, the financial fair play will be restructured in essence and certainly in form to allow a little more flexibility to the clubshe added.

What’s more, Al-Khelaifi is, after the failure of the Superliga, the new president of the ECA, the head of the Association of European Clubs. His refusal to sign the founding document of the European Super League has taken even more profit, especially when it comes to hiring.

Salaries, exorbitant amounts

Among the great signings that PSG made for the 2021-22 season, that of Sergio Ramos became the most important. The four-time champion of Champions, also world champion with Spain, arrived in Paris after failing to reach an agreement with Real Madrid. And he did it as a free player, although his salary is not low at all.

Although the official number was not announced, French media specified that the Spaniard will charge between 14 and 15 million euros per season, which positions him as one of the highest paid players on the roster.

According , which published the salaries of the 67 players that PSG had last season, Neymar It is the one that charges the most with 52.1 million euros per year. The Brazilian crack is followed by Kylian Mbappé with 24.5 million. Marquis Y Verrati they share third place with 15.3 million. I would enter those places Ramos.

Angel Di Maria, with 14.3 million; Keylor Navas, with 12.7; Presnel Kimpembe, with 10.6, Mauro Icardi, who last Wednesday scored a goal in the first preseason friendly and this Saturday scored the same, with 10.2 million; Y Leandro Paredes, with 8.5.

The 10 best-paid footballers at PSG in the 2020-21 season.
The 10 best-paid footballers at PSG in the 2020-21 season.



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