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Lionel Messi’s start in the PSG has faded. In the Champions League, Belgium beat Club Bruge PSG 1–1. With Messi, Neymar and Killian Mbabane lined up, but the Paris team returned unscathed.

It was Messi’s full debut in the PSG shirt. He had previously been a substitute in the French league, but that was only Messi’s preparation. This time Messi was the main player of PSG. But this thirty-four-year-old could not shine.

With Neymar and Killian Mbabane lined up alongside Messi, PSG had high hopes. Ander Herrera’s goal hinted at that. Mbabane provided the opportunity. But as the game progressed, PSG fell behind. There was no consistency. The trio were unable to cut through the Bruge defense. The poor performance of Georgino Venaldam in the midfield also weakened PSG.

Messi, who has played for Barcelona for 17 years, did not seem to be able to adapt to the new style. Messi’s best moment of the game was when a shot hit the crossbar. The left-footed shot from behind was deflected by goalkeeper Simon Mine-Yalet. The Argentine knocked the ball out of the box given to Mbabane. He also received a yellow card for foul. It was a bad match for Neymar. Mbabane, who had improved, returned in the second half due to injury.

The Belgian league champions, Bruge, came out on top. Half an hour later they scored the goal they deserved. Captain Hans Vanakken scored. Bruge’s other moves were blocked by PSG goalkeeper Kyler Navas.

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