PSG suffocate Barça at Camp Nou

Published on : 17/02/2021 – 18:21Modified : 17/02/2021 – 18:28

Contents of Radio Foot: The first knockout stages of the Champions League. Paris won (4-1) and lesson retained for PSG. – Mbappé’s hat-trick at Camp Nou, All eyes were therefore on Bondy’s kid in the absence of Neymar and Di Maria. The dazzling striker has largely contributed to the success of the team and put himself at the service of the collective. – A Verratti / Paredes association, paying for Pochettino? – Tactical success of the coach above all?

– Fiasco of the Blaugrana who had yet opened the scoring. Can they recreate the 2017 scenario on March 10, 2021? – The Catalans caught up by the age of the executives, Messi no longer seems involved.

– The Reds have put on the heat! Ideal score (2-0) before the return to Anfield. – The defensive errors of Leipzig cannot be forgiven in the face of the realism of the winners of the 2019 edition. – Europe as an outlet for Dortmund in Seville? The Borussens, 6th in the league, can they make a result in Seville? – The Spaniards on a dynamic of 9 straight wins. To be continued tonight: Porto / Juventus. The Bianconeri have regained their confidence since Chiellini’s return. New challenge for the Conceiçao Dragons.

With Hugo Moissonnier today: Dominique Sévérac, David Lortholary and Patrick Juillard. Technique / Director: Laurent Salerno, preparation: David Fintzel / Pierre Guérin. Kick-off 16:10 UT


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