Sport PSG: to fill the gap, Alexandre listens to songs...

PSG: to fill the gap, Alexandre listens to songs from supporters


“I think I am in this category 1000%! When asked if he is a fan in need, Alexandre leaves no room for doubt. Subscribed to the Auteuil tribune for six years now, this 43-year-old father does not just sing his love of PSG on match nights at Parc des Princes.

Two years ago, he also created the “Parisdanslapeau” Instagram account, which allows him to share his passion for the capital’s club with more than 40,000 followers. An occupation which, even if it allows him to stay closer to the PSG community, does not offer him the possibility of making up for the absence which the epidemic of coronavirus caused by his football passion.

“As with all Paris fans, the period is complicated, admits this member of the Collectif Ultra Paris (CUP). I am lucky to live next to the Parc des Princes. After work, I got into the habit of going to the stadium, about two or three times a week. Rather than going straight home, I’m going to go to the store, take some pictures around the stadium and enjoy the silence that there are no match days. But there, the little ritual, it’s over! The last time I saw the Park was the night of the win over Dortmund. “

“The cut was a bit brutal”

It was two short weeks ago. An eternity for this regular from Auteuil. “I won’t go so far as to say that I live it like a vacuum,” he said. But I miss the games, just like the atmosphere and especially the fact of going to sing with the guys. But Alexandre found the solution, a sort of palliative to fill the chasm. “I regularly watch videos or singing, even if I get beaten up by my wife,” he jokes. It does not always please him that I put between 30 and 45 minutes of songs, like that at home. But it puts me in the mood a bit. Like all the messages from supporters I receive, for me too the cut was a bit brutal. “

The plunging head of Thiago Silva or the rage to defeat of Edinson Cavani, whose superb photographs decorate the walls of his living room, are not sufficient remedies. No more than this balloon signed by Zlatan and all his partners that his partner, a subscriber, she in Boulogne, had given him for his birthday. “So I watch a few games, or rather summaries of the kind that Canal + devoted to PSG-OM last Sunday evening. I also take the opportunity to discover or rediscover documentaries on ultras, players like Verratti or Leonardo … These are things that I don’t usually have the time to do. “

After fifteen days without stadium, Alexandre assures that he “is not yet in a state of suffering. “Conscious of the needs for public health these days, he nevertheless nurtures the hope that” it all stops quickly, even if I suspect that we will resume for five weeks, “he said. A containment rab which might not have only disadvantages. “If the championship resumes and is played until July 15, that’s good, says the forties. Usually, when the championship ends at the end of the season, the cut is long. This year may not be the case. “

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