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Psychological horror meets twin-stick bullet Hell: NeverAwake is out today for PC

by archyde

NeverAwake, the twin-stick shooter set in the world of a young girl’s nightmares, from developer Neotro Inc. and publisher Phoenixx, performs a terrifying ballet today on PC via Steam. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 versions will be released on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Guide Rem, a little girl caught in an endless sleep, through visions from the darkest corners of her mind. Maneuver between missile patterns fired by disturbing, hand-drawn representations of Rem’s fears, and manifest veggies, dogs, classmates, and more than grotesque creatures.

Conquer fear with ferocious firepower in over 80 levels that require fast-paced precision. Fire back with combos of twin stick weapons paired with accessories and upgrades purchased with the souls of defeated enemies. Try to defeat the enemies on the first round of each level, with each subsequent round increasing the risk of failure. However, the souls earned do not disappear with death, giving Rem the ability to afford the weapons she needs to break free.

But Rem’s freedom won’t be easy as more than a dozen bosses try to keep her bound in eternal slumber. If you do well and discover secrets that lead to multiple endings, the game will win the Vermilion Gate Award at BitSummit X-Roads, Japan’s most prestigious indie game event.

In addition to the game, the official NeverAwake Nightmare World Art digital art book and soundtrack are also available on Steam. Neotro hired YonYon, a Seoul-born, Tokyo-raised DJ, singer-songwriter and producer to create the official theme tune “AWAKE” which will be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

“When I heard about this project, I wanted to do an emotional song for the ending theme,” YonYon said. “I tried to capture in the lyrics the feelings of the main character Rem as she overcomes her many traumas towards the end of the game, her changing feelings towards her friends and family and her realization of the importance of spending time together and to support each other.”

NeverAwake is out today for PC via Steam for $19.99 with a 15% introductory discount, with support for English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Also available today is the Nightmare World Art digital art book for $7.99 and the NeverAwake soundtrack, also for $7.99. A bundle containing the game, artbook and soundtrack is available at a 15% discount on top of the introductory discount.

The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 versions of NeverAwake will release on Thursday, January 19, 2023, with physical editions releasing in 2023.

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