Psychologists Lay Out Tips for Dealing with New Normal Pandemic Corona

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – psychologist Intan Erlita suggested the first thing that needed to be done to welcome new normal or new normal is reconciling with the conditions that are happening right now. To make peace does not mean surrender and surrender but to realize that there is now corona virus in the middle of everyday life.

So, there needs to be a number of adjustments or adaptations to the behavior as well as new habits. Intan suggested that everyone slowly begin to manage the fears that arise.

Because the fact is, until now globally positive cases are still growing. But on the other hand, scientists and experts from various countries of the world – including Indonesia – are struggling to find the drugs and vaccines that cause Covid-19.

The second step that needs to be taken to deal with uncertainty when the end of the corona pandemic is to comply with the recommendations of the government and health experts. One of them is about applying clean and healthy living behaviors by washing hands and maintaining an orderly physical distance.

“We have to know the rules from the government. For example, we can go outside the house but we must wear masks, hand sanitizers, distance and don’t be crazy because we have to fight with the invisible ones,” Intan was quoted as saying from Among.

Intan also stressed the importance of staying connected with the people closest to you. However, he continued, in this new normal period meetings should be held online – not in restaurants, cafes or shopping centers.

Illustration: Psychologists suggest to stay connected with the people closest to face this new normal corona virus pandemic. Even though you can’t meet face to face, the ‘encounter’ can be done online. (Photo: Istockphoto / Getty Images / Milan Markovic)

“We must continue to communicate with family, with friends so as to eliminate boredom, boredom. We are allowed to go out to work, if kongkow is not allowed, but humans are social creatures, so keep communicating with friends but online,” Intan explained.

To coexist with the Covid-19 virus, he continued, it also requires good stamina and immunity. That’s because, exercise is important to maintain endurance.

Sports do not have to be strenuous, Intan gave an example, activities such as walking or running were already able to affect psychological conditions.

“More fresh, take his decision too nope use emotions, that’s the thing maybe, ‘Really?’ But try doing it, no need every day but twice a week, we can later feel the impact“for our bodies,” he said convincingly.

The last point to face a new normal is to remain vigilant and just do not be careless with the opening of public places such as malls.

Intan also reminded the public not to fall asleep and then flocked to visit the mall to release homesick for months of having settled at home or conducted an independent quarantine.

“That the future new normal We are still living side by side with the Covid-19 virus, so don’t break the rules. Because of his fear of direct euphoria. I also explained to the children that this was not yet a green light, it was still yellow, “Intan stressed. (NMA)

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