PUBG: Battlegrounds: Update 14.2 brings new weapons … and chickens!

The battle royale hit PUBG: Battlegrounds will soon get its next update. We’ll tell you what you can expect at the beginning of November!

Version 14.2 of PUBG: Battlegrounds on the PC, the following week it will also start on consoles from November 11th. As usual, Krafton has again planned all sorts of innovations.

Above all, the latest update brings new weapons to the game: the Taego-exclusive mortar, with which attacks from a distance are possible, and the M79, which blinds opponents with smoke grenades. There is another remarkable feature on the Taego map: in the future there will be chickens!

You heard that right: The poultry there not only run across the map and provide a little loosening up, they can also have a decisive influence on the game. Chickens can reveal their own position to other players through their reactions.

The most important innovations of the new update at a glance:

  • New weapon – mortar: The new Taego-exclusive weapon is easy to use in combat situations, but requires practice to be accurate. To do this, the player must first estimate the distance to the target and then the expected path of movement of the opponent. Skilled players can also attack areas behind elevations that are inaccessible to grenades, or defend certain areas.
  • New weapon – M79 smoke grenade launcher: The new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher designed to provide quick cover at greater distances. Players can use it to blind their enemies, cover wounded teammates or retreat to safety.
  • New feature – knocked out by swimming: The “Knocked Out” feature improves the survivability of players in the water. Previously, players would die directly if knocked out in the water, making deep waters a dangerous crossing point. Now wounded players can slowly swim back to land and be resuscitated by teammates.
PUBG: Battlegrounds – Patch Report 14.2 Trailer

The video summarizes the main innovations in version 14.2 of PUBG: Battlegrounds for you.

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