Public executions were carried out after the Taliban regained power

Islamabad: In Afghanistan, the Taliban again carried out public executions. The accused in the murder case was publicly hanged by the authorities on Wednesday. Reports suggest that the Taliban regime is signaling that it will continue its harsh policies after taking over the country in August 2021.

The execution was carried out in Afghanistan’s western Farah province. Senior Taliban government spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid said the execution was carried out in front of hundreds of people, including senior Taliban officials from Kabul.

The Taliban spokesman also informed that the decision to execute the death penalty was after the approval of the highest courts of the country and the supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Haibatullah. Tajmeer from Herat province was hanged. Government sources also stated that Tajmeer had confessed.

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According to reports, he had killed another person five years ago and was convicted for stealing a bike and a mobile phone. Mustafa from Farah province was killed.

According to Mujahid’s statement, Taliban security forces arrested Tajmir after the victim’s family came forward. But the authorities did not specify when the arrest took place. Government sources also stated that Tajmeer had confessed.

The Taliban carried out public executions during their rule in the 1990s. Apart from this primitive methods of punishment like whipping and stoning were also implemented. But the Taliban, who returned to power in 2021, promised to protect the rights of women and minorities.

But later, the Taliban restricted girls’ rights and freedoms, including high school education. Punishments such as public flogging were carried out on those accused of theft and extramarital affairs.

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Apart from this, the Taliban had banned TikTok and Pubg, accusing them of misleading the youth. The Taliban also announced that they will ban TV channels dealing with immoral topics. It is unclear how long the ban on Tik Tok and PubG will last.

It is reported that many students who have been denied education in the country are taking up wage work. Children are reported to be working in brick kilns in the capital, Kabul. Working conditions in brick kilns are difficult even for adults. But mostly 4-5 year old children are working in brick kilns from morning till dark.

According to Save the Children’s survey, from December to June, the number of children working outside the home has now increased from 18 percent to 22 percent. Statistics show that more than one million children are working across the country.

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