“Public health measures and people’s participation are fundamental”

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Colmed and “uncertainty” by Ómicron: “Public health measures and people’s participation are fundamental”

The positivity of PCR tests continues to rise. Only in the Metropolitan region, the index reaches 4% and six regions register a positivity equal to or less than 3.8%. While, Experts warn that the figures could worsen as a result of the year-end celebrations.

The president of the Medical College in Santiago, Dr. Francisca Crispi, pointed out in Channel 24 Hours that the current health scenario due to the arrival of Ómicron to the country is “uncertainty”, since “We do not know how this variant is going to behave with the level of vaccination that we have. What worries us is that in recent weeks we have had an increase in cases. “

In Chile, the doctor explained, the behavior of the variant “is difficult to predict because it has not happened before in another country, where with this level of vaccination there has been admission (…) We cannot say with certainty that we are going to have a number of cases because it depends on the measures we take. public health measures and citizen participation are fundamental. “

Given the projections on the advance of the variant, the leader of the union in the capital affirmed that “you have to have an attitude that is very preventive. On the one hand, there is the strengthening of borders, of traceability and isolation testing, and of the network. That worries us a lot, since we know many health officials. “

On that last point, Crispi pointed out that “it is very important that we can strengthen the network both to prepare for this wave in the event that we have more infections, as well as to face the displaced care. “

Finally, regarding the world health scenario and the theory that Ómicron would mark the end of the pandemic, the president of Colmed Santiago said that “It is too precocious to say that this is the last variant (…) We are in a scenario of uncertainty and Ómicron has many mutations, so it could continue to happen. As long as we do not achieve a homogeneous vaccination, no country is going to be saved from this pandemic. “

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