Public Health recommends a healthy diet for the end of the year holidays

December 23, 2020 – 1:28 pm

The Ministry of Public Health through the Nutrition Area made a series of tips and recommendations to enjoy the festivities avoiding falling excessively that could damage health.

  • Vegetables are the best: raw in salads, brochet, steamed, roasted, in vinegar, in pudding etc. season with low-fat dressings and little or no salt.

  • Fruits must be our allies: Arrange sliced, snap teas, fruit salad. (Slices of watermelon, melon, pineapple, suckling pig is an excellent one because of its papain content it favors digestion).

  • Drinks: sodas and alcoholic beverages are high in calories and do not quench thirst, on the contrary, they encourage you to continue drinking more. Therefore, put on the table of water jugs wings that you can add lemon slices, pineapple mint. If you drink to moderate consumption, alternate with a glass of water.

Remembering physical activity should be part of the celebration. Dancing is an excellent option.

Some ideas for healthy cooking at parties : You can add legumes to salads such as: lentils, beans, peas, rice and season them with vinegar and oil. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can make cabbage and carrot salad that are very affordable and also provide nutritional value and fewer calories.

Menu 1: Another quick and easy salad to make are potato, carrot, and pea gardener with roast or baked chicken or pork.

Menu 2:: Grilled chicken with corkscrew noodle salad, carrots, peas or a mix of vegetables season to taste.

To replace soft drinks and juices, you can make waters flavored with lemon, mint, cucumber, oranges, lemon verbena, among others.

For the desserts:

  • Seasonal fruits, slices of watermelon, melon, suckling pig, mango, blackberry, etc. are recommended.

  • Jellies with fruits.

  • Water ice creams: blend the fruits and put them in molds in the freezer.


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