Public Health Report on coronavirus No. 571

The Ministry of Public Health reports that on Monday, September 27, 2021, there were no deaths due to COVID-19.

It is also disclosed that until 7:00 p.m. on the date of the date, the following official numbers of coronavirus cases were registered in San Juan:

  • New cases: 4
  • Total confirmed: 71,868
  • Patients with infectious process: 325
  • Deaths (accumulated): 1,175
  • Recovered: 70,368
  • Negative Tests: 251

Part of boarding schools

70 patients are hospitalized in the COVID-19 areas (between positives and suspects) of the Dr. Guillermo Rawson hospitals; Dr. Marcial Quiroga; Dr. Ventura Lloveras, from Sarmiento; Dr. César Aguilar, from Caucete; Dr. José Giordano, from Albardón; Dr. Federico Cantoni, from Pocito; CEMEC; Dr. Julieta Lanteri; San Roque Hospital, from Jáchal; Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Hospital, from Valle Fértil; Barreal Hospital, Calingasta; Private hospital; Medical Institute; El Castaño Clinic; Santa Clara Clinic; Sanatorio San Juan and CCI.

Of this total, 24 patients remain hospitalized in the Critical Area, 9 of whom are on mechanical ventilation.

Among those hospitalized in the COVID-19 area, there are no hospitalized pediatric or pregnant / puerperal patients.


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