Public safety and cybersecurity: strengthening in sight

2023-04-20 03:51:13

Cybersecurity by Midjourney.

In view of the evolving threats, Bern has decided to strengthen the civil security sector within the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). At the same time, it allocates resources to the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC), which will be integrated into the DDPS from January 2024.

The Federal Council has therefore created a State Secretariat whose mission will be to develop and coordinate strategic bases for the overall development of security policy within the department. The legal bases will follow by the end of the year.

Disinformation, cyberattacks…

“The war in Ukraine shows that beyond military means, all means of hybrid warfare are used in today’s conflicts, from disinformation and influence warfare to cyberattacks and covert operations, including means of pressure, extortion and blackmail”, according to this communiqué.

This new body will be directly subordinate to the head of the DDPS as a civil office, alongside the Federal Office for Armaments Armasuisse, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Population, the Confederation Intelligence Service, of the Federal Office of Sport, Swisstopo and the future federal office that will become the current NCSC when it is integrated into the DDPS on 1is January 2024.

NCSC transfer

At the same time, the Federal Council took decisions concerning the resources associated with the transfer of the NCSC. The approximately 13.7 million francs that the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) received for the management of the NCSC will be paid directly to the new federal office. The Federal Council also plans to increase the budget of this office, according to this other communiqué.

The new federal office will also need additional financial resources to fulfill support tasks relating to finance, personnel, IT and law. As an autonomous administrative unit of the DDPS, the new federal office will have to carry them out itself, which is why the Federal Council has decided to increase its budget by 0.8 million francs from 1 January 2024.


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