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Radioactive material is discovered in the ground during construction work. Limit values ​​do not seem to be exceeded, the playground of a crib next door is closed

Radioactive material was found in the area of ​​Adenauerstrasse and Heussstrasse in the Planie in Puchheim. The authorities are now investigating whether the groundwater and a playground next to it are contaminated. The nursery garden was closed as a precaution. According to Mayor Norbert Seidl (SPD), the uranium could come from old fertilizers. The area in question was cordoned off with fences, the large piles of earth covered.

All blocks of flats in the Planieviertel are on the old rubbish dump in Munich. Deutsche Wohnen SE from Berlin owns about 400 apartments there in the center of the city. Based on the history of the area, the company had the excavated material examined for pollutants in a construction project. An increased uranium content was discovered. An engineering firm found that the test value for radioactive contaminated sites was exceeded by 0.2 becquerel per gram. The company then informed the State Office for Environmental Protection (LfU), the District Office and the municipality. The LfU has requested a radiological report from the landowner, which is currently being worked on. The district authority has commissioned the Munich Water Management Office to take samples from the groundwater downstream, which the LfU will examine.

The district office has for the time being blocked all play areas after consultation with the management of the crèche next door. Based on the results currently available, the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) assumes that the test value of 80 milligrams per kilogram for children’s play areas will not be exceeded. However, further soil samples are to be examined on the site as well as on all other playgrounds in the residential complex. Until further results are available, children should not dig in the sandboxes for the time being, said the district authority.

The mayor confirmed the process on Thursday. Accordingly, the increased radioactive values ​​were determined in April. The limit values ​​with regard to a hazard if someone swallows earth are not exceeded, but the effect of the radiation is still open. Deutsche Wohnen wanted to have new bicycle parking spaces, paths and a playground created as part of the renovation project Social City, Seidl told the SZ.

Since 1898, the entire waste of the state capital of Munich has been processed in a factory in what is now the Josefstrasse industrial estate. The garbage was sorted out and recycled, the mass was deposited and some of it was processed into fertilizer from 1902. A site plan from that time shows the extensive factory area with a total of eight buildings. In 1901, the authorities approved the tracks for a field railway, with the help of which the residual waste was distributed around the site. Puchheim’s waste recycling was one of the first of these plants worldwide and was internationally recognized. Operation ceased in 1949. Cork and insulation material was then produced in the factory. The city and its inhabitants, in the form of contaminated sites, continue to struggle with the late effects of the landfill.



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