Puebla. IMSS reports stable covid patient who had already died

Puebla /

Impotence, pain and sadness, that was the feeling of Nayeli Hernandez Millán when at 1:30 p.m. this Saturday they told him that his grandmother had died 5 hours before inside the General Hospital of Zone number 20 ‘The Margarita’ from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), suspected of covid-19.

During a tour of MILLENNIUM Puebla Outside this clinic, she accused that at 10 in the morning one of her aunts had asked about her grandmother’s health and they reported her stableHowever, by then he had already passed away.

“Still today (Saturday) at 10 in the morning they told us that she was fine, that she was on a stretcher and right now they mark us and tell us that she died at 6 in the morning and they barely warned us.”

This publishing house witnessed when Nayeli, her parents and uncles received the unfortunate news by IMSS personnel, which left the rest of the people waiting for news of their patients astonished, since the grimace of pain and the tears did not stop among the members of that family.

Nayeli related that her grandmother was 62 years old and had symptoms of coronavirus. She was admitted last Tuesday, January 12, because her oxygenation decreased to 40 out of 100, when it usually ranges from 96 to 98.

“I was 62 years old and they still didn’t tell us if I had covid-19, until Tuesday they were going to tell us […] She had symptoms and we were taking her to clinics and they told us that we had to bring her here because they couldn’t receive her anywhere because according to what she was positive. “

In addition, his state of health was complicated because he suffered from diabetes and hypertensionBut until the last day they managed to spend a moment with her, her health had improved.

“We brought my grandmother from Tuesday but they told us that her oxygenation had already increased, she arrived with 40, but it went up to 76, yesterday (Friday) they told us that she was already well with diabetes, she was already well of pressure, still today (Saturday) in the morning my aunt came in (to ask for information) and they told her that she was well, but that she was apart because there were many dead “.

Nayeli assured that the IMSS did not deny medical attention to his grandmother, but the day he had the opportunity to enter the clinic to see it, he noticed that it was full of patients.

“They never hindered us, but I went there and it is very full.”



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