Puerto Rico decrees three days of mourning for the murder of three policemen

The government of Puerto Rico has decreed three days of national mourning for the murder this Monday of three policemen in a persecution that occurred in one of the main access roads to the capital, San Juan.

In a statement released this Tuesday, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, indicated that, in addition, the flags would fly at half-staff for three days in memory of the state policeman Luis Marrero Díaz, and municipal officials Luis Salamán Conde and Eliezer Hernández Cartagena .

A total of four policemen were involved in the events. Two of them were shot dead and a third was run over, while a fourth officer was injured.

“I deeply regret the pain suffered by the families of these three heroes who were murdered while fulfilling their duty to protect the lives of everyone on our Island. These violent acts and contempt for life cannot have space in Puerto Rico that we want, “said the governor.

“I have decreed three days of mourning in memory and honor of our brave policemen who lost their lives. To all their families, my solidarity and my prayers so that they have the strength and consolation they need in these difficult times. Our entire town mourns the departure of Luis Marrero, Luis Salamán and Eliezer Hernández, “added Pierluisi.


At the same time, he indicated that he has given instructions “to act diligently with the entire investigation so that the person or persons responsible fall under the full weight of the law. We thank our policemen for their courage and dedication to go out every day to defend the people, risking their lives. I am committed to working urgently to empower and provide more resources to our uniformed. “

The persecution took place yesterday on Baldorioty de Castro Avenue, one of the main access roads to San Juan and one of the busiest, near the airport and near Isla Verde, a tourist area of ​​the island’s capital.

The security forces are still looking for the suspect of the murder and run over, who, according to the head of the Police, Antonio López, would be sheltering in a residential – popular housing – near where the events occurred.


In an interview with the WKAQ station, López said that the situation that occurred yesterday was precipitated after a car crash in the neighboring town of Carolina.

One of the drivers of one of the vehicles involved in the crash shot at police officers who were attending to what happened and fled and on the aforementioned Baldorioty de Castro avenue “he wounded two other agents who were following him.” explained.

In turn, he revealed that the security forces know who he is.


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