Pugacheva in a new outfit amazed fans. Video

The prima donna again took a walk in the center of the capital.

Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Global Look Press

With the onset of autumn Alla Pugacheva revised her wardrobe and removed the bright mini, preferring more spacious and elongated silhouettes. And fans like that the artist is always different and stylish at the same time. Once again, the fans were convinced of this when the Prima Donna appeared in the boutique of her friend, designer Igor Gulyaev.

Pugacheva entered the studio of designer clothes, where she often visits, accompanied by the owner of the boutique. And she impressed not only employees, but Internet users after the designer published a video with Alla Borisovna. The star in a gray suit with loose trousers with pintucks and a cap instead of the usual hat on her head made a splash.

“Igoresha, what beautiful and stylish your outfits I did not recognize Alla Borisovna you are the best”, “Chic”, “What a fashionable bunny, I love you!”, “She is an incredible beauty! We love and admire “,” I really like the way Alla dresses! Simply beauty! “,” Handsome men !!! Alla Borisovna in your outfits blossomed, rejuvenated! Simply gorgeous !! “,” What are you Stylish “,” Stylish! “,” How fashionable! “

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