world Puigdemont and Comin join Podemos and Bildu in their...

Puigdemont and Comin join Podemos and Bildu in their support for the Venezuelan dictatorship


The European Parliament considers that the Venezuelan regime committed an “attempted coup d’etat” on January 5, when a session of the National Assembly was forcibly prevented and has reiterated its support for the interim president, Juan Guaidó. The resolution was massively supported by the main political groups although the Spanish representatives opposed the representatives of Podemos, that of Bildu and the two not registered, Carles Puigdemont and Tony Comin.

The resolution was supported by 471 deputies, compared to the 101 who voted against and the 103 who abstained. Socialist deputies supported the resolution along with the popular, liberal and green. The deputy of ERC that is framed in this last group, did not participate in the vote.

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With this resolution, the European Parliament “recognizes and supports Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of the National Assembly and the legitimate president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” and “strongly condemns” the “attempted coup d’etat of Maduro and its allies », as well as its efforts to prevent the National Assembly« from correctly carrying out the constitutional mandate extended by the Venezuelan people ». .


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