News Puigdemont clicks on his personal project gathering only seconds

Puigdemont clicks on his personal project gathering only seconds


This weekend a manifesto of supporters of Carles Puigdemont will be released. It is his nth attempt to create a personalist movement outside the parties to lead the opposition independence without opposition. Understanding that ERC is not going to join, the escaped leader tried to at least stay with the most radical voter of the Republicans and raise in the next elections the dichotomy between the “traitorous autonomists of ERC, who want to negotiate with Spain”, and “the Express independence, for tomorrow, following the spirit of October 1 », although the two approaches have little to do with reality, while neither Oriol Junqueras has renounced independence, nor Puigdemont is oblivious to negotiations with the Government. Not only does Torra participate in the so-called dialogue table, but one of his trusted people, Francesc Sánchez, is negotiating on his behalf with La Moncloa a solution so that he can return to Spain without going through jail.

What in 2017 tried to be JpC and failed by the refusal of ERC, and a few months ago it claimed to be the Crida, driven by Jordi Sànchez and with the same result, will now have the form of a manifesto of seconds, of habitual undersigned, of charges that they went and try to appear again, and of opportunists who are still waiting for their first opportunity. The most relevant support that Puigdemont has obtained at the moment is that of the mayor of Montblanc (Tarragona), Josep Andreu. It is not a new support. In 2015 he was one of those who insisted on Junqueras to present himself with Mas under a unitary candidacy (which ended up being JpS), and he also seconded the cross-cutting initiative of Sànchez from mid-2019. of Universities proposed by ERC during the first tripartite, and Julià de Jòdar, writer and former deputy of the CUP.

Jordi Graupera, candidate for the City Council of Barcelona in the last municipalities, tested for Puigdemont-related, has declined the offer to understand that «Puigdemont is not serious about independence. If I had wanted to join him I would have been able to do so since the first time he was a candidate, in the 2017 Parliament elections ». The signatories of the document intend to unsubscribe from the PDECat, understanding that it is an ambiguous party with independence and that it is heir to the Convergence corruption cases, but the former president, fearful of taking a false step, prefers to wait for that the PDECat dissolves on its own.

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With CiU focused on offering answers to the economic crisis, Artur Mas achieved 62 deputies in the autonomous regions of 2010. When in 2012 he advanced the elections to lead the «independence wave» to be able to govern with an absolute majority, he lost 12 deputies instead of getting the 68 I intended. Two years later, to please ERC, he broke CiU (CDC and UDC), the most successful brand of Catalan politics, and in the following regional ones, in 2015, he returned to get 62 deputies, but shared with ERC, when he appeared at the JpC candidacy.

In 2016, to get rid of the corruption of the Pujol family, he resigned from CDC to found the PDECat, and the party ended in insignificance. And although in the elections of 155 (December 2017), Puigdemont defeated Junqueras, he did it with 34 deputies, out of the 62 that CiU had only seven years before. Although the independence bloc has not diminished in total number of votes, the fragmentation has weakened it: nobody in Catalan politics doubts that Puigdemont’s main enemy is Junqueras, and vice versa. In some telephone messages found in a police registry, the current counselor of the Presidency of Torra, Meritxell Budó, writes: «To govern with ERC is to govern with the enemy». The president of the Generalitat has been Puigdemont who has considered it amortized. As far as the CUP is concerned, it has not participated in any relevant act of independence, as evidenced by the fact that none of its charges have been heavily condemned by the attempted coup of 2017. The parliamentary majority of the three parties has rarely been able to articulate .

On Saturday 29 in Perpignan (France), Puigdemont begins his electoral campaign giving a transversal air to what will be nothing more than an act of party against the other great independence party. Junqueras number two, Marta Rovira, escaped in Switzerland, asked to participate in the event and they replied that if she wanted to say something she would send it by video. But he planned to intervene but they have asked him not to do so, to hide the underlying partisanship of the act. Instead Josep Andreu will do it, to reinforce the idea of ​​hostile opa against ERC. .


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