Puma cub will live his entire life in captivity thanks to irresponsible human action | Special

A puma that was approximately two months old, and which was found by people, was handed over to the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of Limarí, Coquimbo region. As they pointed out, he was found alone, without his mother.

The feline was later transferred to the National Zoo and is now in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of the same. As determined by specialists, the puppy will not be able to be reinserted into its ecosystem due to its few months of life and the time that it would have remained away from its home, according to collected CHV.

Alejandra Montalba, director of the National Zoo, pointed out that the cub is in good condition, that it is undergoing a hydration treatment and is feeding itself. Despite this, he maintained that due to its behavior, it is presumed that the puma would have spent a long period in human company.

“It is presumed that this animal was in human care for a long time, for days or weeks. There are many people who have told us on social networks that in the Fourth Region there were people who had this animal as a pet, there is an investigation involved at this minute, “he said.

The puppy came to the enclosure with behaviors very close to humans, which has raised the suspicion that he spent a lot of time with people.

In that sense, Montalba pointed out: “Once this animal arrived at the zoo for rehabilitation, we realized that its behavior was very close to people, we call it imprinted, which makes us suspect that this theory that was in human care for much longer is quite feasible. “

“If one meets a cougar cub in nature, the most likely is that the mother is nearby, therefore the call is to do absolutely nothing, to leave the cub where it is so that it can fulfill its role in nature once grow up and learn from its mother “added.

According to Montalba, because of its age the cub could no longer learn from its mother essential aspects that characterize the puma’s life, such as hunting. “This means that this animal cannot be reinserted into nature,” he argued.


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