Pumas achieves a minimal advantage against Pachuca

Pumas won thanks to the 10, the day that the world’s most famous 10, peace rested. Favio Alvarez placeholder image, college midfielder, threw out of the area to beat the goalkeeper Oscar Ustari and celebrated by showing his number, 10, as a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona.

But the most important thing for the National University was to come out with the victory, even if it was for the slightest difference from the Hidalgo stadium. Now to pass, the Tuzos must win the game in University City, where it will not be easy. It is advantage, minimal but advantage. Pumas arrived in a hurry to the stadium Hidalgo.

Nothing else sounded the initial whistle, and he went hungry on the prey, and that momentum, gave him fruits early. The National University comes out playing, in the middle of the field changes speed, accelerates, Juan Pablo Vigón stands as a post, returns the ball to Favio Alvarez placeholder image who takes a powerful right hand that beats the stretch of Oscar Ustari (7’). Alvarez celebrates by taking off his shirt, and showing his number, “10”, like that of Diego, the one that is gone.

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Pachuca He tried to react by putting Felipe Pardo to work, but without a reference in the attack, there was no way to get the ball to the danger zone. Erick Aguirre With long-distance shots he was the one that made Julio González, goalkeeper of the Auriazules work.

The game went back and forth. With Pumas playing longer and Pachuca further elaborating the plays. And the controversy came, in the agony of the first half, a penalty was scored, very rigorous, on Erick Sánchez. Víctor Guzmán headed to tie, but threw the ball out.

Pachuca went on board in the second half, the contention of Pumas disappeared and the centrals became paper, but the Tuzos they did not give the last pass correctly: Either they failed to assist or they failed to shoot at goal, where in any case, the goalkeeper González it was gigantic, as in that slice of Freire that is almost an own goal.

The heroic defense he got hooked on Pumas it was suffered, but enough. Pachuca He had them, but he let them go, with a penalty included. It looks difficult, worse not impossible, to do the feat in WITH.


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