Pumas and Chivas, the only ones who can dominate all of Mexican soccer

Enrique Martinez Villar

Mexico City / 18.11.2020 07:59:02


Pumas Y Chivas defend their tag of great teams, being the only ones who will fight to be champions in all categories of the Mexican Soccer, something that neither America Y Blue Cross They can boast, nor can the royal teams, which are the ones that are usually protagonists.

In First division, Pumas will play the Quarter finals In a direct way by finishing second in the ranking with 32 points. For their part the Chivas they got into Repechage by staying in seventh position with 26 units, breaking the losing streak of five consecutive tournaments without being in the fight for the championship.

In minors and feminine, also

In the Sub-20, the Sacred Flock it was sub-leader of the competition at the end of the 17 days, while the felines finished on the fifth step. In this category America got into the League in the eighth place, plus they will also be Striped, Blue Cross, Lion Y Tigers.

In the Sub-17, the royal teams they were left out, like America, Cruz Azul and León; there, the rojiblancos were first place and the university students finished fourth, so they will receive the Vuelta games of their series at home.

In the Liga MX Women too Chivas Y Pumas they got to the Quarterfinal series; in this competition, of the so-called large institutions, only the Celestes were left out, despite the fact that there is a day to go before the end of the Regular Phase, since they no longer have the opportunity to settle.

In Liga de Expansión they are also looking for the title

While Chivas Y Pumas are the only teams in the Liga MX who are represented in this competition, both entered the Repechage of the competition and although they always sailed in the middle of the tableIn the absence of one in the tournament, both have already secured their ticket in the Reclassification.


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