Punta del Este: the English Store caught fire and the Punta Shopping remains closed

It’s been two days since the Punta Shopping, in the Uruguayan city of east endremains closed because yesterday a fire in the English store bakery which forced an end to the activities and required the presence of firefighters on the spot. Different videos from social network users showed a dense column of black smoke that left from that commercial sector so typical among tourists who come to the coastal town, especially during the summer.

From 4 on Saturday various fire crews were present at the English Store for this incident that began in the bakerywhen the staff that works there was already in that place and accommodated the merchandise to start with customer service, according to what the Uruguayan media reported.

Punta del Este: the English Store caught fire

According to The country, firefighters were only able to put out the fire in the basement at 4:00 p.m.so that they worked for 12 hours, as the smoke also spread to the upper floors.

the flames affected some vehicles that were located on the lower deck and also a wall collapsed. This last episode was recorded in a record where it is seen how the high-rise wall suddenly collapses, to the surprise of the personnel who carried out their containment tasks within the perimeter that they had set. Even those images show a firefighter who must have run fast to get out of the way and avoid being hit by the debris.

In addition, the press specified that since the mall has personnel to deal with this type of problem, they were the ones who performed the first aid until the specialized brigades arrived from Maldonado and San Carlos, which were supported by grants from Aiguá and Santa Teresa. And although the tenor of the fire was great, No deaths or injuries were reported as a result of the flames..

In statements to THE NATION and other national media, the mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, described the incident as a “misfortune and disaster.”

During a visit to the fire site this afternoon, Antía was dismayed by the situation. “After two years of the pandemic, now this misfortune for 2,000 workers among some 160 businesses,” he said, and remarked: “This is a disaster for Maldonado and it is going to hit hard, especially at a time when the area was recovering”.

The mayor of Maldonado extended his concern to the possible advance of the fire and its effects on the construction. “There are a lot of doubts from the firefighters and the architects while the plans for the establishment are being analyzed,” said Antía.

And he remarked: “The greatest misfortune is the number of people who are probably already out of work today, because they have lost everything. It’s a bad time for Maldonado.”

yesterday, from Twitter Punta Shopping official reported that its doors would remain closed and maintained that provision for this Sunday. “Dear friends, we wanted thank you for the messages received on the occasion of today’s event. As we mentioned in the first statement, there were no injuries and both firefighters and our team They are working to be able to open the doors as soon as possible”, counted.

“As soon as we know the day and time, we will notify you by this means,” They specified in that press release posted yesterday around 7:00 p.m., which reported that this Sunday, August 7, the mall would still remain closed.

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