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Mainland China Center/Reported by Zhou Yiyu

An elementary school student’s essay titled “Stable Achievements” went viral in China recently. The article mentioned that I was always the first in the class, and once I was second in the exam, my father said, “You have regressed in your studies,” my son. This revealed that I was deliberate. The reason was that the student who took the first place in the exam could get 1,000 yuan from his father. “He promised to divide me half.” The teacher couldn’t help but laugh when he saw it. In the end, he not only gave it to Gao. The score also evaluates “manufacturable materials”.

▲The pupils deliberately took the second place, and the teacher complimented the high scores. (Illustration/Pixabay)

The primary school student wrote in his composition that his academic performance was very stable. He always ranked first in the class. Once he “deliberately took the second place”, he was called by his father to talk and asked about the reason for the decline in his grades. Then he revealed The intention behind me was very good, “I deliberately let the original second place. After we discussed it, it was more cost-effective for him to get the first place.” This also made my father confused. The son explained that “I got the first place. You only reward me with 100 yuan, and he gets the first place in the exam, his father rewards him with 1,000 yuan, and he promised to divide me half.”

▲▼The elementary school student revealed that he took the second place “more cost-effective”. (Illustration/Pixabay)

After reading this composition, the teacher not only gave a high score for “Excellent+”, but also gave a comment that “children can be taught and can be made.” Netizens laughed when they saw it, “Does this imply that Dad will give more rewards, otherwise I will be second in ten thousand years”, “How can I compare my name to real money”, “God is so smart, hahaha”, “Dad was dumbfounded and didn’t expect this trick”, “It’s really well written, now primary school students are so wicked”, “Why didn’t I think of this trick back then?”

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