Technology Putin calls for ethics code for dealing with artificial...

Putin calls for ethics code for dealing with artificial intelligence



Russian President Vladimir Putin says about artificial intelligence: "Who owns them will have enormous competitive advantages."

(Photo: AP)

Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for new rules for the development of artificial intelligence. Experts and businesses should consider a code of ethics, said the Kremlin chief on Saturday at a conference in Moscow, the agency Interfax.

"Social aspects and consequences of the use of artificial intelligence are currently being discussed around the world. This is a very important topic. "The main objective is harmonious development and new opportunities for people.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for various machines and programs that, like humans, can independently learn, judge and solve problems. Learn about computers by analyzing huge amounts of data. Such systems are for example in the speech recognition of Apple and Amazon.

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World News :

Artificial intelligence is increasingly influencing everyday life, Putin said. It is also a significant resource. "Those who own them will have tremendous competitive advantages." His country must be the world leader in the field, he said, referring to a national development strategy. "This is a question of our future."

According to the program, the government expects the program in Moscow to be able to expand its Russian share of the global AI market from currently one to two percent to as much as 15 percent in the coming years.

More: The end of free access to the network is not only a huge problem for Russian citizens, but also for the local companies – Putin becomes a refusenik. A comment.

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