Putin concerned about rising deaths in Russia

Death rate in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he was concerned about the increase in mortality from the coronavirus in Russia, without, however, ordering the tightening of restrictive measures aimed at stemming the epidemic.

“The number of new cases is increasing (…) and what is of most concern is that the death rate is also increasing,” Putin said in an online meeting with the Russian government.

Russia on Wednesday recorded a new death record from the new coronavirus with 456 deaths in 24 hours, the 2nd in two days.

The total number of coronavirus cases detected in Russia to date has reached 1,991,998 cases, including 34,387 deaths. But this toll, reflecting a much lower lethality than elsewhere in the world, is questionable, the authorities only listing the deaths which, after an autopsy, were established by the coronavirus as the primary cause.

Demographic data for the period March-September 2020 shows an excess mortality of 117,107 deaths compared to the same period of 2019.

Mr. Putin on Wednesday called on the authorities of the Russian regions not to “embellish the situation” and not “to act as if all is well”.

According to him, several regions are facing a shortage of drugs for coronavirus patients or a lack of ambulances.

“The task of all regional leaders is to solve problems on a daily basis, even hourly,” he recalled.

Refusal of a new confinement

“The situation in general in the country is difficult, but it is under control”, however assured the Russian president, praising the experience in the detection and the treatment of the sick, acquired since the spring, as well as the development in Russia vaccine against Covid-19.

At the end of October, Mr. Putin had ruled out new national confinement so as not to shut down the Russian economy, already weakened by strict confinement in the spring, as well as by Western sanctions.

He had, however, referred to “targeted and justified” measures which could be taken independently in the Russian regions.

On Monday, the Buryat region in Siberia became the first in the country to reintroduce a two-week lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

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