Putin said he will only congratulate Biden after the “legitimate and legal” announcement of the election results.

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has assured this Sunday that he will only congratulate the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, when the result “legitimate and legal” of the elections so stipulates it, before ensuring that there is no “hidden” motive in their suspicion. “There is no hidden message in this, nor anything that can serve as a basis to deteriorate our relationships,” he explained Putin during an interview with channel Rossiya 1.

During his appearance, Putin has continued to describe Biden as a “candidate” for the Presidency, despite the results in the current projections and counts, and waiting for any of the demands presented by the outgoing president, Donald Trump, to be successful, somewhat that hasn’t happened yet, to reverse the result.

Putin has indicated that “anyone who gains the trust of the American people” to lead the country must be legitimized “through political traditions”, when “one of the parties recognizes the victory of the other, or by announcing the results end of the elections in a legitimate and legal manner ”.

The Russian president has also expressed his view that “The electoral system in the United States presents some problems.” “It seems absolutely obvious to me and everyone,” he has made known. “However,” he has qualified, “It is not our business if they have to change something or not. It is an issue for the American people. It is up to them to evaluate the legitimacy of the elections ”, he stated andn comments collected by agencies Sputnik.

The Russian president has insisted that this legitimacy “is extremely important, because the trust of the people of this or that country in their political leaders depends on it.”

Count in Georgia and reverse in Pennsylvania

The campaign of the American president and Republican candidate for the United States elections, Donald Trump, asked this Saturday a new tally of votes in the state of Georgia, after the former gave victory to his rival, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as the official count had done.

Losing by a margin of less than 0.5 percent, the Trump campaign called for a vote recount that ended Thursday after manually reviewing five million ballots. Now you can ask for a second recount that will not be manual, but by scanning the ballots.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The result of the first count gave 12,284 votes ahead of President-elect Joe Biden.Therefore, this Friday the Governor and the Secretary of State of Georgia, both from the Republican Party, certified the results of the election.

In your statement, the Trump campaign has called it “false results” known so far and has asked to stop counting “illegal ballots.”

The order in Georgia coincides with a major setback in Pennsylvania as a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit more important than the outgoing president’s campaign, Donald Trump, had presented in Pennsylvania, and left him practically without options to reverse the result of the elections in that state on which the keys to the White House depend.

Judge Matthew Brann’s decision implies that Pennsylvania counties have a free hand to certify the result of the November 3 elections, for which the deadline is met this Monday, and confirm the president-elect, Joe, as the winner of the territory. Biden.

The lawsuit was intended to invalidate millions of votes cast by mail arguing that the ability of voters to correct errors on their ballots in certain counties was detrimental to Trump’s party, the Republican. The magistrate ruled that the Trump campaign had resorted to “flawed and meritless legal arguments and speculative accusations “In his attempt to discard millions of votes.” In the United States of America this cannot justify the suppression of the right to vote for a single voter, much less all voters in its sixth most populous state, “wrote Brann.

The decision marks a deep setback for the legal strategy of the Trump campaign, which has already lost other cases in Pennsylvania, in addition to Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. in her complaint with no evidence of voter fraud. This lawsuit was the last major lawsuit active in Pennsylvania, and the outgoing president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, personally defended her during a hearing last Tuesday.


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