Putin’s health “from Parkinson’s to dementia” .. a timeline documenting the “beginning of deterioration”

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, reports have shed light on the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, considering that he may be forced to leave office due to the deterioration of his health – presumably – according to speculation and analyzes based on leaks that vary in accuracy due to the secrecy imposed by the nature of the Russian regime and the nature of Putin himself.

magazine says Business Insider Tracking the chronology of Putin’s health, speculation about his health increased dramatically after former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who was the director of Russia’s department in the intelligence service, indicated that President Putin may be seriously ill.

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has appeared in the media in a way that shows his weakness, according to Business Insider, with expectations growing that he suffers from everything from Parkinson’s disease to dementia.

But most details about Putin’s health are almost impossible to confirm.

Its chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has repeatedly denied any health problems, while medical specialists refused to talk about any diagnosis until after direct medical examinations.

Putin’s health represents an important aspect of his propaganda, and the propaganda of the Russian regime, as he has been keen for years to appear as a strong, athletic man.

Putin made sure to appear strong and athletic

But an investigation by the independent Russian media Proket He showed that Putin’s past efforts may be a “big deception” designed to make him appear this way.

Business Insider has prepared a timeline of the periods when Putin’s health came into question.

October 2012

In the fall of 2012, Reuters quoted three government sources as saying that Putin had a back problem and would need surgery soon.

The Kremlin denied this, but after Russia’s Vedomosti newspaper reported that Putin had injured himself while making his gliding, a Kremlin spokesman said the problem was due to an “ordinary sports injury” in which Putin had a muscle strain, The Atlantic reported.

November 4, 2012

By the end of December 2012, Proct claimed that Putin was wearing a corset that significantly limited his ability to sit – or made him limp – due to possible back problems.

And the site transmitted this information about Russian officials, who were not named.

On November 4, Russia’s National Unity Day, the Kremlin only released still photos of Putin’s appearance at a party on Red Square.


By matching the travel dates of medical professionals to Putin’s travel schedule, Prokt found that Putin was regularly accompanied by at least five doctors in these years – a number that later inflated to 13.

They included an ear, nose and throat specialist, an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, and a neurosurgeon, the newspaper reported.

November 2016

And between November 25 and December 1, Putin only appeared in pre-recorded meetings, Prokt reported.

Meanwhile, 12 specialists, including Putin’s personal doctors, neurosurgeons and a rehabilitation specialist, registered their sudden arrival at the Sochi hospital near his residence.

May 2017

Putin falls hard while participating in a festive hockey league match at the Bolshoi Ice Arena in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, on May 10, 2017.

According to Brockett’s website, Pavel Bure bumped into Putin, after which an orthopedic doctor known to regularly treat the president checked him into a hospital just outside Putin’s residence.

Putin fell to the ground hard while playing hockey

Putin fell to the ground hard while playing hockey

August 2017

Between August 8 and 16 of that year, the Russian president disappeared, according to the site, and was accompanied by an oncologist and surgeon Yevgeny Silivanov.

The site said that the presence of an ear, nose and throat doctor with them may indicate a problem with the thyroid gland.

Silivanov joined Putin’s medical entourage, traveling to his post 35 times in four years, the newspaper reported.

February 2018

Putin disappeared from public view from February 12 to 1 in 2018, even just a month before Election Day, Prockett said.
A Kremlin spokesman said Putin had a cold.

Autumn 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 among the Russian presidential staff in September last year led to Putin’s isolation for two weeks.

Ten days later, he denied any ill health after he was seen coughing during a televised meeting.

Soon, a newspaper reported The New York Times Putin is imposing increasingly strict isolation measures on anyone who is scheduled to see him face to face, including being isolated for two weeks before meeting and passing through a disinfected tunnel.

It came weeks after Russia lifted most of its COVID-19-related measures across the country, the newspaper said.

By February 2022 — when world leaders were pleading with him not to invade Ukraine — Putin was holding his personal meetings at an unusually long table.

Putin and Macron

Putin held meetings at an unusually long table

April 2022

Footage of Putin’s meeting with his defense minister on April 21 showed the president clutching the edge of the table, looking uncomfortable and restless, magazine reported. NEWSWEEK.

Because of Putin’s bloated appearance, the video sparked a flurry of tabloid speculation – none of which was confirmed – that he might be suffering from the effects of steroid treatment or Parkinson’s disease.

May 2022

In early May, the magazine got New Lines On the recording, an unnamed Russian oligarch says that Putin is “very sick with leukemia”.

The oligarch, who did not know the speech was recorded, went on to criticize Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, saying “we all hope” that he was dead, and that “the problem is in his head.”

May 14

Ukraine’s intelligence chief, General Kirillo Budanov, said on May 14 that plans to oust Putin were underway inside Russia and that the 69-year-old was in “a very bad psychological and physical condition and he was very ill”.

Budanov said Putin had cancer. He denied that he is spreading this idea in order to strengthen propaganda in favor of Ukraine.

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