PV Anwar says he is in trouble in Africa

Nilambur: PV Anwar MLA with a Facebook video describing the hardships of not seeing the MLA despite the announcement of the election. Anwar came from Sierra Leone, a West African country.

His income stopped. Businesses, including his 35 years of work and assets from his parents, have been forced to close for months. Each institution had to close every month. He had to work in West Africa for the last three months as he could not pay his debts.

He is unlucky not to be able to repay the liabilities despite having the property. He propagates that his land is not legal and will be included in the case if purchased. Anwar said he went to Africa on the same day as the results of the local elections.

He entered politics without expecting anything in return. His total income was only Rs 3 lakh per annum and a train allowance of Rs 75,000. Anwar added that the upcoming videos will tell you what to do next in West Africa.

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