Python snake appeared in Oslo apartment – VG

A resident of Frogner in Oslo had to call the police on Tuesday night, when a python snake suddenly found itself in the living room.

According to the resident, it is the neighbor’s snake, writes NTB, who first mentioned the case.

The snake must have been in the living room when the resident became aware of it, says operations manager Sven Christian Lie to VG.

– It is large, about one and a half meters. We are working to find out if we can deliver it somewhere, if we do not get in touch with the owner, he told VG earlier Tuesday night.

– We are in contact with the Veterinary College, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and everyone else who may be able to help us with this.

– Who’s in the place now?

– It’s only the owner. It’s not “Snakes on a Plane” here, it’s not a snake attacking. It probably finds peace where it is warm and good.

Police moved out to an apartment after finding a python on Tuesday night. The snake’s owner took it home in his backpack, he tells VG’s photographer. Photo: TORE KRISTIANSEN, VG

Just after 00.30, the police report that they have contacted the owner of the snake, who came to the place to get the snake back where it belongs.

– He reported quickly after we posted the message on Twitter, says the operations manager to VG, and adds that the police therefore “fortunately” did not have to handle the snake itself.

– The patrol takes a final check on the spot now, and then we leave, he says.

Published: 25.08.20 at 23:46

Updated: 26.08.20 at 01:01

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