Qatar Airways loses lawsuit against Airbus

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Posted on: Friday, May 27, 2022 – 1:05 AM | Last update: Friday, May 27, 2022 – 1:05 AM

Qatar Airways has lost a lawsuit filed in a London court for not taking delivery of the A350 from European plane maker Airbus before the issue of body paint was resolved, accusing the European company of lowering its standards to reduce the problem with the plane.

Bloomberg News Agency indicated that the Doha-based airline asked a London judge to prevent Airbus from demanding delivery of the remaining part of the A350 order and receive the installments of the deal, in the continuing dispute between the two sides over the issue of aircraft paint. And Airbus failed in an attempt to prevent Airbus from remarketing the plane, if Qatar Airways continued to refuse to take delivery of the planes.

Philip Shepherd, a lawyer representing the Qatar company, had previously told the court that Airbus had not yet provided the analysis required to find out the cause of the problem with the fuselage paint, “because we suspect that they (Airbus) do not want what this analysis means for this aircraft.”

Airbus has sued a British court for more than $220 million as part of an ongoing legal dispute with Qatar Airways.

The European plane maker said in the lawsuit documents that it was entitled to compensation from Qatar Airways for refusing to take delivery of two A350s. While Airbus could have resold the planes normally, it agreed not to do so, while the court was considering it. The lawsuit filed by Qatar Airways to prevent the cancellation of the contract between the two companies, Bloomberg News Agency reported.

Airbus also asked Qatar Airways to repay loans it had obtained as incentives to buy the European company’s planes, with a total value of more than $25.2 million.

In early August, Qatar Airways announced the grounding of 13 of its Airbus A350 aircraft due to the rapid deterioration of the fuselage surfaces.

While the European company has acknowledged the deterioration in the state of the aircraft’s paint, it can display an integrated metal mesh designed to protect the aircraft in the event of a lightning strike on its composite fuselage, which has no safety consequences during its flight.

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