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[Epoch Times, July 21, 2021]Hello, everyone, it is 6:30 PM on July 20, Eastern Time, and July 21, Beijing Time. Welcome to chat about current affairs every day. I am Sydney (Wang Yuhe); I am Qin Peng.

Today’s focus:Heavy rain in Henan, Zhengzhou and other seriousflood, Henan Satellite TV broadcasts anti-Japanese drama, CCTV talks about Europe; natural disasters or man-made disasters, “sponge cities” are invalid, and reservoir floods are “lie”?

S (Sydney): In the past few days, there have been torrential rains in many provinces and cities on the mainland. Zhengzhou, Henan, and many cities attached to it, the amount of rain fell for a year in three days. A large number of cars on the street were soaked or washed away by water, and the subway was flooded with water. On the chest, social media exposed the casualties and tragedies, which looked like a catastrophic blockbuster. At the same time, CCTV and Henan Satellite TV are like other people’s affairs. In addition to continuing to sing and dance to promote peace and eulogize, they talked about the floods in Europe and played anti-Japanese dramas.

Q (Qin Peng): Chinese cities get waterlogged when it rains? Five years ago, Zhengzhou and other places built pilot projects for “sponge cities”, claiming that this problem could be solved. So, can the current major disaster be simply shirk to God? Many media reported that the Changzhuang Reservoir near Zhengzhou was flooded. In the middle of the night on the 20th, the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau reported that the blasting of the reservoir was a lie. So what should be the true report?

disaster film!Heavy rain in Henan, Zhengzhou and other placesfloodSevere casualties are hard to calculate

S: In the past few days, many provinces and cities in mainland China have been hit by heavy rains, and there have been continuous floods and floods. From July 17 to 20, record-breaking heavy rainfall occurred in many parts of Henan Province. Heavy rains occurred in the central and northwestern regions, including Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Luoyang, Xuchang, Pingdingshan, Dengfeng and other places. In some areas. At 17:00 on the 20th, Zhengzhou City upgraded the emergency flood control level II to level I.

There is wailing on Chinese social media, with netizens sending out help messages and uploading urgent videos and photos. Let’s take a look at the video directly.

Q: We saw that Zhengzhou suffered severe floods. The streets turned into turbulent rivers. Thousands of cars were submerged in the water or taken away by the water. Vehicles and people were washed away, and trains were stopped. , The subway station is filled with water. People who were rescued have also been posted online, and they seem to have lost their breath.

Zhengzhou Metro No. 5 was reported to have been seriously flooded. The flood water has overflowed many people’s chests. Many people are using their last chance to send text messages or Weibo or WeChat for help.

S: From 20 o’clock on the 19th to 20 o’clock on the 20th, the single-day rainfall in Zhengzhou reached 552.5 mm. The total rainfall for three consecutive days reached 617.1 mm, which is equivalent to almost the annual rainfall of Zhengzhou, because the average annual rainfall in Zhengzhou is only 640.8 mm.

Q: People continue to fall into danger. From the video broadcast on the Internet, we saw two people who were rescuing relatives, friends or neighbors who fell into the pit. The wall of the pit suddenly broke, and the two also fell in and were washed away by the water. Another citizen who was filming heavy rain at home found that a father and son riding on the nautical road were suddenly washed down by the flood, and then swept away by the rushing flood. Another citizen claimed that he was near Huaihe Road and saw a citizen being electrocuted with his own eyes, and his life or death is unknown.

In the video from the Zhengzhou subway station, we saw someone giving cardio-respiratory first aid to many people lying on the ground, but in the end many people seemed to have died.

S: At present, we still cannot know the specific number of deaths.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official report said that all those trapped in the subway were rescued and there was no danger. But this is not consistent with the statements of many netizens and the videos posted on the Internet. For example, a Weibo netizen “@表别” posted that she “saw a female doll dead”, and pointed out that the water depth was 1.6 meters, “just enough to submerge the top of the short man’s head”, and pointed out that other than Line 5, There are also people calling for help on the subway line. The netizen “@刘柏杨-” said, “Several of the photos on Shakou Road are covered with cloth, and some are under artificial respiration.”

A Weibo netizen “@易经同学谭霖” said that the subway incident was still saving people by 10 o’clock in the evening, and that “many people died.” He also pointed out that local news reported that people were rescued as “lie lies.”

Q: Due to the severe water accumulation on the ground, nearly 200 bus lines in Zhengzhou were forced to suspend or detour temporarily.

The largest hospital in the country, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, was reported to have a power outage. Some netizens said that more than 10,000 patients, elderly and children in the outpatient building were trapped, without electricity, water, food, and no place to sit. Regarding the situation of patients on other floors and departments, according to Weibo netizen “@白菜兔兔丸女孩”, for those who have difficulty breathing, because the ventilator cannot be used, medical staff rely on the hand of the medical staff to pinch the balloon to help the patient maintain breathing.

S: This time the flood was very serious. We saw from the video that Songshan also suffered unprecedented floods, and even in front of the Shaolin Temple, there was a torrent of water.

Q: This flood that occurred in many parts of Henan has also caused more problems. At about 4 pm on the 20th, a large electrolytic aluminum factory in Dengfeng City, the water level of the adjacent Yinghe River soared and exceeded the warning level, and the water level of the river soared. The wall collapsed and water flooded into the factory area. At about 6 o’clock, the high-temperature solution in the alloy tank in the factory area caused an explosion due to flooding.

However, according to reports, the company had previously organized a safe evacuation of personnel, so there may be no casualties.

Netizens exclaimed: No live coverage of the anti-Japanese drama CCTV singing and dancing

S: But we have seen that the disaster situation in Henan has become such a serious problem. Some netizens broke the news that they happened to be not in Zhengzhou when they were out of town. They only knew that the rainstorm was a disaster. Others turned on the TV in the hotel to see how the disaster situation was. On the channel, none of them went to report live, and Henan Satellite TV was showing the anti-Japanese drama.”

Q: Henan TV’s anti-Japanese drama has been broadcast until more than 10pm on the 20th.

S: Some netizens also said, “Banqiao has reappeared. Such a big disaster has been swiped on the Internet, and the media is overwhelming. Does Henan Satellite TV need to be reminded by netizens to start seriously considering live broadcast?”

A netizen posted a post requesting Henan Satellite TV to stop broadcasting the anti-Japanese drama, turn it into a state of emergency, and broadcast disaster relief news.

“The 720 catastrophe, around ten in the evening, a large number of people died in the subway. At this moment, Henan Satellite TV is still broadcasting anti-Japanese war movies.”

Q: We saw that until 11:28 that evening, after severe floods in many places, the TV station directly under the Ministry of Propaganda of Henan Province, under the criticism of Weibo Internet users, belatedly replied: “Received, we are already coordinating, we will start live broadcasting right away, thanks for your attention.” This left many netizens speechless.

S: CCTV, the core party media of the Chinese Communist Party, has also been singing and dancing in the past few days. Many netizens are very angry, saying that they only know that they organize experts to discuss the floods in Europe. It seems that it is their own business.

Even before the broadcast of our program, I saw that the CCP’s CCTV website still sang praises to the Chinese Communist Party and the leaders of the Communist Party of China, and the only piece of news related to the flood was called “Flood Disaster Order “A Hundred Years”. The German economy suffered heavy losses.”

S: Let’s compare it. France Canton reported that the floods in Europe have caused 200 deaths. Germany and Belgium recorded 169 and 31 deaths respectively. Today, on July 20, during a national silence in Belgium, German Chancellor Merkel continued to visit the disaster area. When she defended the German early warning system, she also received boos from residents.

Q: Even from a news point of view, the CCP’s approach is incomprehensible, because from July 14th to 15th, during the largest rainstorm in 75 years in Germany, there was a 24-hour rainfall in Cologne. Mm. This disaster-level precipitation that German Chancellor Merkel described as “no German word can describe” is much lower than the hourly precipitation in Zhengzhou. On the whole, the amount of rainfall in Zhengzhou in a single day is more than three times that of Cologne, Germany!

Of course, this also further proves that the party media of the CCP is not a real media, but a mouthpiece, just to praise the great situation of socialism, “imperialism is decayed day by day.”

S: Hu Xijin, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, posted a post about the incident, and there was a lot of scolding.

He said, “Old Hu’s ancestral home is Henan, and I am familiar with many places in Henan where heavy rainfall occurs. This extreme weather is inevitable and floods are inevitable. Some videos look shocking. I hope that the personnel are safe. Henan is safe! Henan! Come on Henan!”

Contrasting his post on the German flood on July 17, “The German flood has caused 133 deaths and many others are missing. This is a tragedy. The floods in Germany also smashed the Chinese online Germans who built the “city conscience” level in Qingdao. Underground drainage channels have left behind the myth of “oilcloth bags.” From the collapse of a building in Miami to the floods in Germany, there are even more anti-humanitarian manifestations of Western countries in the epidemic. Waves after waves have profoundly impacted the Chinese people’s original level of governance in the West. And its perception of humanitarian loyalty.”

Q: This was ridiculed by netizens. The netizens said, “Hu Xijin: German floods, because the western governance model can’t work! Henan floods, because there is too much precipitation, it has nothing to do with the governance model!”

Natural disasters or man-made disasters, why did the “sponge city” fail?

S: French writer Hugo once said: “The sewer is the conscience of the city.” To test the civilization of a city, a torrential rain is enough.

A Twitter netizen posted a video saying, “There is no drainage in the city, and the government has not invested in disaster relief training and equipment. The efficiency of saving people is very low. It is good to be able to protect yourself.”

Q: A Japanese netizen replied: “You are right, but there has been a flood warning in Japan long ago. Residents in dangerous areas have been evacuated, and subways will be suspended. Then major TV stations took turns to report that helicopters were flying in the sky and mobile phones warned. Screaming, hey, that mobile phone can scream for cardiac arrest in the middle of the night.”

Some Twitter netizens criticized the CCP for turning a blind eye to the safety of people’s lives and property, saying, “Is this pseudo-government the agent of the people? They are the agents of Marxism-Leninism! They are worrying about the floods in Germany.”

S: In this report, some mainland media said that this was a big test for Zhengzhou, which started building a “sponge city” five years ago. So, judging from the results, the results of this test were not satisfactory.

Sponge city is a new generation of urban stormwater management concept, also known as “water resilient city”. When it rains, it absorbs water, stores water, seeps water, and purifies water. When necessary, the stored water is “released” and used.

Zheng Shi News wrote in an article on May 29 this year, “The 5,162 km drainage pipe network has been built, and the recycled water utilization rate is 50%… Since 2016, Zhengzhou has become a pilot city for the construction of sponge cities in Henan Province. In recent years, Zhengzhou has been implemented in engineering projects. The concept of sponge city construction is to drive the city from point to point, and to explore new ideas for the construction of sponge city in the Central Plains.”

“Statistics show that since the construction of the sponge city, a total of 125 flood-prone spots have been eliminated in Zhengzhou, with an elimination rate of 77%. Last year, the use of recycled water reached 380 million tons, and the utilization rate of recycled water was 50%. The city’s water supply has increased significantly. The urban environment continues to improve.”

This is self-sufficient, Qin Peng. From your point of view, why did the sponge city of Zhengzhou fail?

Q: To put it simply, the reason is that congenital deficiencies can be changed, and severe congenital deficiencies can hardly be changed.

This time, of course, it has something to do with the huge rainstorm. In fact, no city can solve it safely. So, are Zhengzhou and the CCP’s urban planning and construction departments not responsible? of course not.

The congenital deficiencies of China’s sewer system: one of the reasons is the increase in extreme weather and the increase in extreme precipitation events year by year. But the more important reason is the inherent insufficiency and improper planning of the urban drainage system.

The drainage pipe network standard is inherently low. According to the latest version of the “Outdoor Drainage Design Code” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the return period of the current rainwater pipe design in mainland China is 1 to 3 years for general areas, 3 to 5 years for important areas, and 3 to 5 years for important areas. 10 years. Another major problem is that the facilities are aging and insufficiently maintained.

The day after tomorrow’s reform: In recent years, the total investment in the construction of China’s drainage system has continued to rise, but after the start of urban waterlogging control, it has been found that it is very difficult to transform the drainage system. For example, a very realistic problem is that there are not only drainage pipes underground, but also water supply pipes, power supply lines, network lines, etc., so the overall space is limited. It is not only difficult, but also a long time period to allow it to achieve “major changes” to make room for optimizing the drainage network.

Under such circumstances, the concept of urban stormwater management of “sponge city” came into being. As the name implies, it is intended to allow cities to be like sponges, with good “flexibility” in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters.

From the perspective of concepts and practices, it is still more time for small-scale rainfall to achieve diversion, diversion, and more emphasis on recycling. However, heavy rainfall weather may be a heavy blow to the urban drainage system, and it is still unable to cope.

Netizens refuse to shout for cheap and ask for accountability

S: Some netizens refused to shout cheer for cheap and demanded that they be held accountable:

Netizen @瀛洲进士: “Also see “Zhengzhou hold on, Zhengzhou will not cry, we are all Zhengzhou people tonight.” Zhengzhou will definitely hold on. Those officials who dereliction of duty or even corruption and pervert the law will also be caught, and don’t cause some man-made disasters. Push it to God, or make up something once in a few years. I think that this wave of good officials and this wave of wicked officials and Chinese are once in five thousand years.”

Q: Some netizens questioned that the early warning measures and emergency response mechanism of the Zhengzhou local government are zero:

“The question is why people are blocked by water directly in the subway? Shouldn’t it be early warning to evacuate? What is the news broadcast at night? Henan Satellite TV’s first live TV series until 11 o’clock in the evening. Early warning=0, emergency=0, yes Is it totally incapable?”

S: There are also netizens who said in Weiming Space that the Zhengzhou floods are actually normal and no one is to blame, but what should not be is that the Chinese Communist Party’s media propaganda and inflammatory reports of floods in other countries are problematic.

“The point is that Yang Ma laughed at the floods in other countries, as if he was not flooded…”

“Right, this is a natural disaster, there is no solution! Germany is also a natural disaster, CCTV does not need to report every day, but also in-depth interpretation!”

“When the epidemic in the United States was severe, it was on the hot search list every day. It seems that only people who are unlucky can realize their own happiness. This country is already crazy.”

Q: Some netizens also pointed out that the local government has dealt with the dereliction of the subway, saying: “It is not normal for people to drown on the subway.” And the passengers are abnormal.” “Then this is a man-made disaster, the subway should have stopped…”

S: It can be seen that many netizens are also very capable of thinking and judging.

Q: Actually, I have also noticed a strange phenomenon. Many people suspect that the flooding on the streets of Zhengzhou may be related to the flood discharge of the upstream Changzhuang Reservoir. Many media reported that at 10 o’clock in the morning, Zhengzhou Changzhuang Reservoir released 3 cubic meters of flood per second. In the evening, the paper also reported that the Zhongmou County Government, where the reservoir is located, urgently announced that “the upstream Changzhuang Reservoir is in danger and the flood will be released tonight.”

When it was close to midnight that night, at 23:29, the Henan Provincial Public Security Department posted a message on Sina Weibo that the blasting of the Changzhuang Reservoir in Zhengzhou was a rumor.

According to reports, it was said that blasting would be carried out that night, which would bring even greater flood peaks. However, whether there was any flood discharge before, I did not say.

At 01:10 on July 21, the “People’s Daily” client reported that “Ministry of Water Resources: The danger of Zhengzhou Changzhuang Reservoir has been initially under control”, saying that the water level has gone down, and how it went down is unknown. However, this is very unlike a report from a professional department. If there was a flood release before, then just say it directly, why not? Is it really possible that the rising water level in Zhengzhou is related to stagnant water in some areas? do not know. I think it should be clear to the people.

What does the disaster situation in Henan reflect from the numbness of looking at the guests?

S: A netizen posted a video saying, “Sister Haixia’s hometown is flooded, and she can still keep her positive energy full. She deserves to be a professional mouthpiece…”. Take a look at this video.

Even though I am a Taiwanese, I was shocked to see the disaster. I really felt very sad. What exactly is the CCP willing to harm the people? However, Haixia, the party’s mouthpiece, even though it is her hometown, can be so numb that it doesn’t matter to her.

Q: This Haixia was also one of the CCTV anchors who actively suppressed Li Wenliang and other “rumour-making” people. I can only say that they are not people, let alone people from Henan or a certain province. First of all, they are members of the party. Advocacy is their only mission.

S: Not only Haixia, after seeing more comments, I found that this turned out to be the norm. Chinese netizens posted the actual disaster situation, but they were scolded by the same Chinese netizens as “providing some organizations with perfect anti-Chinese material” and said, “Negative Weibo is deleted. Don’t be posted to other websites.” Discrimination of our country”. This feels weird and beyond the scope of my understanding, I discovered that this is an abnormal thinking of people under the brainwashing of the Communist Party.

Q: It’s really speechless. The CCP media doesn’t report it. I saw that the People’s Daily and others only started to report on Zhengzhou Floods until midnight on the 20th and the early morning of the 21st. It seems that the Central Propaganda Department and the Cyberspace Administration of China had restrictions before , The report was released at night. And those netizens actually don’t allow other netizens to report, do they really know the life and death of their compatriots? Is it really like the 31-year-old girl we mentioned in yesterday’s program. Doesn’t it know the pain until the CCP’s socialist fist hits her body?

S: At the end of the program, I think I must mention that today is the 22nd anniversary of the anti-persecution of Falun Gong practitioners on July 20. Since Jiang Zemin launched the illegal suppression of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, countless Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally kidnapped, detained, and re-education through labor. , Torture, and even live organ harvesting. Numerous families were destroyed and displaced. Now that many people have come to their senses, the international community is also holding accountability. In fact, the history of the CCP is a history of murder. Since its establishment, it has been accompanied by internal cleansing and external killings. There was a great famine caused by the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and the June Fourth Movement, and countless innocent Chinese lost their lives. Many Chinese have declared in front of the blood flag of the Communist Party. I think that kind Chinese people should not be kidnapped by the Communist Party. The Party is not equal to the country. The CCP does not need to bear the burden and bury it for the bad things done by the Communist Party. I hope that more people will pass on the truth and let more Chinese people wake up, so that China can have a better future.

Q: I hope that more people, for their own sake, for their own children, do not continue to live in lies. You must show your courage and pass the truth out, so that more Chinese people can wake up, so that China can have a better future. .

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