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[Epoch Times July 31, 2021]Hello, everyone, it’s 6:30 pm on July 30, Eastern Time, and July 30, Beijing Time. Welcome to chat about current affairs every day. I am Iris; I am Qin Peng.

Today’s focus: The torrent rolled into the subway, and the people in Guangzhou were “fleeing” in panic; the epidemic was the worst since Wuhan, and the Nanjing government dumped “Hubei” Zhangjiajie and made 4 consecutive jokes.

After floods flooded Henan and caused a catastrophe on Line 5, on July 30, Guangzhou was also hit by heavy rain. The Shenzhou Road Station on Line 21 was suddenly flooded by heavy water and turned into a land of luxuries. flee. Guangzhou often encounters typhoons and heavy rainfall, why does it flood Jinshan?Zhengzhou MetroA weird scene happened on Line 5 yesterday.

Let’s look at Nanjing’s new crown epidemic. The outbreak in the mainland renewed, and Nanjing and Zhangjiajie became the new dual centers. Officials said that Wuhan has been the worst since the outbreak, and the infected people have swept across the country. On July 30, the Nanjing Municipal Government was eager to throw the pot, and netizens found out 4 jokes in a row.

The torrent rolled into the subway, and the people in Guangzhou panicked “Run away!”

Iris: Let’s first look at the first important news.

Following the Henan floods, there was heavy rain in Guangzhou on July 30. The Shenzhou Road Station of Metro Line 21 suddenly flooded and the water level rose rapidly. This situation and this scene reminded the public of the “death-death subway” incident on Zhengzhou Line 5. Passengers and subway staff ran wildly, creating a thrilling scene. Let’s first look at the live film.

Q (Qin Peng): In addition to the flooding in the station, even the subway tracks are also flooded. According to reports, the water depth has reached the calf.Zhengzhou MetroThe situation of flooding is similar, which is lingering.

According to a message released by the Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory at 1 p.m. that day, in the previous hour, a moderate to severe thunderstorm occurred in the Huangpu District where Shenzhou Road Station is located, and the rainstorm warning lights were all second-level orange.

But seeing the violent flood of yellow mud and water in the picture is really just because of rain?

Iris: According to officials, the reason for the water inflow at Shenzhou Road Station on Line 21 is “water accumulation in the reserved mouth”. The official reason was that there was construction nearby, but during heavy rain, “the retaining wall on the ground at the reserved entrance and exit collapsed.” It was washed away because of too much stagnant water, causing a large amount of stagnant water to flood into the subway.

The authorities also claimed that the station immediately activated an emergency plan, and all passengers in the station had been evacuated safely. However, some netizens said that water just came out of the innermost part of Shenzhou Road (station) and told passers-by that it was flooded. Everyone didn’t believe him. Fortunately, he told Zhanwu that there were three or four people hiding in the toilet. He didn’t know if they had come out. Of course, he wanted them to be safe.

Q: There are also people who have personally experienced voices on the Internet, saying: “I almost couldn’t get on. The water in the subway was very fierce when the water poured in. I was afraid that I would be knocked down and washed away along the railway. People who don’t feel this kind of fear, especially after experiencing the Zhengzhou subway incident, the subway backflows, and it can’t run violently. It’s scary to think about it.”

Iris: The Epoch Times conducted a first-line interview with local people in response to the “submerged subway” incident. A local resident in Guangzhou with the pseudonym “Wu Hui” told reporters that the heavy rain may only be part of the reason for the collapse of the retaining wall. The quality of the project is not good enough, and the tofu project may also be the culprit. He said: “Because the retaining wall cannot be tested, it is impossible to fill it with water to test how much pressure it can withstand, so this kind of tofu project is the easiest to breed. In the most critical position, the most critical moment is to play. The protection function depends on it to save lives. If it fails, it will be mysterious. It is the common people.”

Indeed, on July 20, the flood flooded the Metro Line 5 station. The authorities did not stop and evacuated passengers in time after the underground station entered the water. As a result, the passengers were trapped in the train compartment by the muddy water in the chest. Finally, the official said 14 people were killed, but in the carriages packed with passengers, really only 14 people did not escape? This is still unknown.

Teacher Qin Peng, what do you think of this timeGuangzhou MetroFlooding incident? Does it compare with the Zhengzhou subway incident?

Q: On the surface, they are all natural disasters, but in detail there are man-made disasters. The Guangzhou incident was a bit more single. The retaining wall collapsed, but there should also be a problem with the ground drainage system. It rained only 76 mm in the first hour of the Dashui Manguan Shenzhou Station subway. If the ground drainage system is good, no This kind of problem can happen. It may be blocked for some reason.

The Zhengzhou subway accident is of course worse in nature. There are problems of dereliction of duty by the secretaries of Henan Province and Zhengzhou City, problems of the subway department having entered the subway and continued operation in Dashui, and the problem of ineffective follow-up disaster relief.

Poor drainage system is an important reason

On the whole, poor drainage systems are important reasons. However, this subway flood accident occurred in Guangzhou surprised many people. In my previous impressions, the management level of the southern cities was better than that of the northern ones. did not expect.

Iris: Exactly. We know that Guangzhou’s subway system has the highest passenger flow intensity in the country and should have advanced and complete facilities. However, within a few hours of the rain this time, there was serious flooding in the station. In addition to the subway, many streets in Guangzhou quickly became flooded, and they were compared to “swimming pools” by the public. Let’s watch another video.

Iris: Actually, the flooding in Guangzhou is not “new”. As early as more than a year ago, Guangzhou experienced floods in heavy rains.

According to a report, on May 22, 2020, Guangzhou’s “Guanhu Station on Line 13 suffered from serious water accumulation. Rainwater poured into the tunnel, which made it impossible to get out and suspended operations.” At the same time, in Huangpu District, the same place where the subway station was flooded this time, there were also streets that were flooded by rain. The deep standing water almost covered the roof of vehicles, and some cars were washed away in the water. The words and sentences of the report at that time, let’s say it today, don’t be shocked.

Q: Now it seems that the main problem is the urban drainage system. This can be said to be a cancerous problem in China’s urban management. The drainage volume of sewers in most cities in China is designed according to the once-a-year standard. Only a small number of areas meet the once-in-five-year standard. This is related to the CCP’s adoption of the former Soviet Union’s concepts in urban construction. The Soviet Union paid more attention to cost-saving in the construction of drainage systems. Building wider drainage pipes was even a “bourgeois problem” at the time. This led to the rainwater pipes on the mainland. The overall design flow is relatively small.

In addition, the CCP’s method is different in how the pipeline flow is designed. Developed countries in Europe and the United States mostly determine the flow of pipe networks according to regional water seepage conditions. The pipes in places where water is easy to accumulate will be thicker. However, Chinese cities, such as Beijing, still use Soviet standards to determine the diameter of sewers according to the importance of the region, such as Larger pipe diameters are used for sewers in important areas such as the Olympic area and Chang’an Avenue. But in fact, the water catchment in ordinary areas is likely to be greater than that in important areas, and these places tend to have more people.

Iris: That is to say, on the one hand, the drainage system design standards are very low. On the other hand, the design is based on the level of discrimination. The place where the secretary and the leader live is better designed, while the place where ordinary people live is less well designed. This, of course, has caused a lot of hidden dangers to urban safety. In addition, when a disaster occurs, the official handling is not effective, information is blocked and opaque, there will be man-made disasters and accidents, and many people living in Chinese cities feel lingering fears.

Some mainland netizens sawGuangzhou MetroPeople were afraid of the scenes, saying, “I think of Zhengzhou subway when I see this.” Someone also said, “No one knows how many people died in Zhengzhou this time. As a leek, I don’t even have the right to know. This is also the sadness of the Chinese people.”

The government’s inaction caused the disaster to the people’s anger

Q: Speaking of Zhengzhou, there are more problems in this area. Professor Shi Pu of Henan University of Economics and Law, based on the summary and analysis of various parties, determined that the 7.20 flood in Zhengzhou was a natural disaster plus a systemic man-made disaster, which eventually caused floods in a large area. He listed 10 hardware problems, 10 software problems before the flood, and 11 causes and effects of the disaster, including the unwarned flood discharge of the Changzhuang Reservoir, the blockage of the Jialu River, the poor underground drainage system, and the lack of maintenance. , And the decision-making mechanism of government officials and so on. You can search it if you have time.

In addition, let’s take a look at the absurd scene that recently appeared at the subway entrance of Zhengzhou Line 5. Let’s watch a video.

Iris: The video shows that near the subway entrance, there is a place full of flowers to commemorate the dead. A group of people are bowing, while in the background someone is leading and shouting: “Come on, China.” A netizen said: This is because the Zhengzhou government saw that the use of a baffle to block the sea of ​​flowers is ineffective, so it began to think of other ways to guide public sentiment. It was obviously an expression of anger at the disaster caused by the government’s inaction, and was stupefied to be transformed into China. Teacher Qin Peng, what do you think of this scene?

Especially in connection with the flooding of the Guangzhou subway, the people’s “discoloration” of the water has changed. Do you think that after a huge disaster, the Chinese people will change their understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist government in a clear direction? Or is it being used by the CCP as an excuse for “happy funerals”, “overcoming difficulties together”, and “praising the CCP”?

Q: I think that near the disaster site, and some active Internet users, will see more and more clearly the highest man-made disasters, but some people who only watch CCTV may continue to be deceived.

You noticed that in the video of the Zhengzhou subway just now, those people who stood in a row of street aunts pretended to shout for China to cheer after the man in camouflage costumes, but the people who offered flowers in front of them turned a blind eye to them, and they were obviously right. They are not interested in their performance.

Nanjing epidemicThe Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that swept across the country sternly pursued the blame: man-made disaster?

Iris: Recently, a large number of people infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19, also known as the Chinese Communist virus) have been detected at Nanjing Lukou Airport in Jiangsu, China. These are cases of Delta, a new variant of the virus strain. In just a few days, the epidemic quickly spread to 17 cities in 10 provinces across the country. This has caused a lot of panic in China, and people are worried that the “lost” of this airport will trigger a new wave of national epidemics.

Q: The Nanjing Health Commission reported on Friday that there were 13 new local confirmed cases in Nanjing on Thursday. In the outbreak that started from Nanjing Lukou Airport, there were 184 local infections in Nanjing. In addition, the Health Commission also said that the source of the Delta virus strain that recently broke out in Nanjing has been found. It came from Air China Flight CA910 that flew from Russia to Nanjing Lukou Airport.

Iris: However, the outside world has doubts about the number of infections, because on the evening of the 30th local time, the Chinese Communist Party’s Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan arrived in Nanjing to supervise the battle. Some netizens said that a large number of vehicles and medical staff had transferred nearly 10,000 people at the airport to quarantine. Let’s take a look at the video.

Q: Looking at this posture, it’s really not like what the official said before, a total of more than 180 new cases have been added in the past nine days.

Most people are vaccinated

In addition, there is another phenomenon of Nanjing’s infection that has received widespread attention, that is, most of the vaccines are planted. Ms. Liu, a staff member of Nanjing Airport, told Radio Free Asia that most of the local cases found in Nanjing this time Some have been vaccinated with two doses of domestic vaccine. Local residents also told The Epoch Times reporter that they had already received two doses of the vaccine, and it seemed that it didn’t work at all, and they were very worried about being infected.

In addition, the proportion of severely ill infected people is very high. As of the 29th, of the 171 cases discovered, there are as many as 7 severely ill. Moreover, the domestic disease classification standards are different from those in the international community. A positive nucleic acid test is considered a confirmed international diagnosis. However, a single “asymptomatic infection” was brought out and was not counted as a confirmed case; the international “severe illness” was classified as a common illness in China, and the international “critical illness” was classified as a “severe illness” by China.

Iris: This makes the outside world suspect that China’s vaccines are ineffective, and on the other hand whether antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) has occurred. Many people are talking about antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). What does this mean? Why people who have been vaccinated may worsen the virus infection?

Q: ADE, also known as the aggravating effect of antibody-dependent infection. After a person recovers from infection with a virus under normal circumstances, the immune system will produce antibodies against the virus. However, if the virus subsequently mutates, the original antibodies in the human body may not have any effect on the mutated virus. At this time, because the human immune system mistakenly believes that the virus has been “suppressed”, then the human immune system is The virus is completely unprotected, which causes the patient to have more severe symptoms than those without antibodies.

The CCP began to hold Lukou Airport’s management accountable

Iris: Regarding the reason for the spread of the virus, from the current news, it seems that there is a man-made element. On July 28, the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article “Fix the loopholes in epidemic prevention as soon as possible” on its official website. The article criticizes Lukou Airport for “lack of supervision and unprofessional management”, and also lists specific problems that exist at the airport. “In terms of working procedures and procedures, the airport does not separate the cleaning personnel responsible for foreign and domestic cleaning, and there is a serious lack of daily supervision. Bit.”

This rare voice seems to indicate that the CCP is beginning to hold Lukou Airport’s management accountable?

Q: Yes, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is the highest anti-corruption agency within the Communist Party of China. Its public announcements usually mean warnings, and there will often be some major personnel changes, arrests, and trials.

I have seen information from the country that the outbreak of the epidemic in Nanjing this time is a typical man-made disaster caused by the CCP’s bureaucracy and chaotic management. The message said:

“The Organization Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee sent a party cadre Feng Jun who did not understand business to serve as Party Secretary and Chairman of Civil Aviation. This scumbag did not know how to be humble and did not know how to study. Do “reform” as much as you want: merge the original international and domestic quarantine areas into one area; the cleaning staff are also integrated. The cleaning staff in the original domestic area curiously brought the leftover food and beverages on the international flights to the cafeteria and home for consumption. As a result of the rapid spread of the “imported” new crown virus! The Nanjing Municipal Government has to spend billions of dollars for the inspection, screening, nucleic acid testing of all employees (9.3 million), and quarantine review. This has not yet been exported to other 5-6 provinces in total. The cost of investigation, testing and quarantine. The whole country has to pay a high price for Feng Jun’s chaos!”

Iris: The internal news said that the party secretary of Jiangsu Civil Aviation is a scum, but I think it is more important to think about why such an unlearned scum can take on such a high position and shoulder such a big responsibility.

Q: Yes. That’s why I said that the object of accountability should actually be the CCP’s official appointment and evaluation mechanism: normal countries are selected by professionals, but the CCP has a secretarial system that strengthens the party’s control from top to bottom. It’s airborne. People who are trusted by the CCP’s superior secretary, or those who give him gifts and bribes, send him to the next level as the secretary, and use this method to supervise and control other technical officials. This is a systemic problem, and it is definitely not just a problem at Lukou Airport. It was just a coincidence that it broke out at Lukou Airport.

Iris: This kind of secretary management system will also cause professionals to be unable to give full play to their professional opinions and lose power. In the end, these people make decisions. In fact, such professionals in Wuhan and Zhengzhou Dashui have actually made suggestions, and they were finally by the secretary. They vetoed it for reasons such as the so-called overall situation of society, causing widespread man-made disasters.

Q: Yes. In fact, the infection in Beijing this time was also a human-caused factor. The vice president of Zimbabwe went to Peking Union Medical College Hospital for treatment. The Chinese Communist Party allowed them to enter the country before the nucleic acid test results were available. Later they were found to be diagnosed, which led to Beijing Wangfujing. More than 400 guests and employees of Legendale Hotel were quarantined for 21 days, and the hotel employees were so angry that they scolded on Weibo…

Iirs: The video sent by Beijing netizens shows that the Legendale Hotel on Jinbao Street has now been blocked, and 16 police cars watched the entrance and exit.

Anxious to dump the pot, the Nanjing government made 4 jokes in a row

Iris: Speaking of the lack of learning and skill of the officials, we still see a typical example today, that is, the Nanjing Municipal Government Department was eager to throw the pot, but the netizens found out that they had made jokes four times in a row, and some netizens even made fun of them. , Should we Hunan and Hubei send literati to help Nanjing?

Q: Now the whole country of China is a little bit distressed by floods and plagues, so I still admire that Chinese netizens can have fun in hardships. However, you can tell everyone what the jokes and jokes are.

Iris: Let’s take a look at the first one. The first one was the WeChat official account of Nanjing Traffic Radio. It posted a picture saying that there were cases related to Zhangjiajie in many places across the country. Many netizens stopped doing it, because everyone felt that Nanjing was still the main source of the epidemic, and they protested. After the protest, Nanjing Traffic Broadcasting took down this article.

However, soon netizens discovered the problem again. Some netizens said that they couldn’t even copy homework. It is said that Zhangjiajie is closing the park, but Nanjing is opening the park.

Q: The Nanjing government doesn’t know how to be stared at. Maybe it’s because they had a big loophole in airport management this time and caused such a catastrophe. So Chinese netizens are very dissatisfied with the Nanjing government, so I see In that article, I felt that Nanjing was going to throw the pot to Zhangjiajie, so I was very dissatisfied.

Iris: Soon, netizens found a third joke, this one is the most interesting.Nanjing epidemicThe Prevention and Control Headquarters issued an official document stating that all districts and communities should be notified to do a good job in the information verification and health management of personnel coming to Nanjing from Zhangjiajie, Hubei Province. This seems to be more solid. The Nanjing government made this notice to shift its attention to Zhangjiajie.

However, the netizens quit, Zhangjiajie obviously belongs to Hunan, so why did it become Hubei?

Some netizens quickly made up a new paragraph, and firmly added three charges to Nanjing: ineffective in fighting the epidemic, biting back, and referring to the deer as a horse.

Q: This piece of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiakou, and Zhangjiagang is interesting. Of course, students with good geography know that Zhangjiajie is from Hunan, Zhangjiakou is from Hebei, and Zhangjiagang is from Jiangsu Province. However, the Nanjing government department may not know it, so netizens ridiculed that someone in Hunan and Hubei should support these government departments in Nanjing and help them write good official documents.

Iris: The Nanjing Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters hurriedly issued an official document to apologize. However, the problem was discovered by netizens again, that is, the inscription of the official document context of the headquarters was inconsistent. As a result, the netizens were basically eager to narrow the situation, and they asked Nanjing to say it again. apologize. Some netizens discovered that the Nanjing official Weibo manager secretly edited the pictures.

Q: This joke is a bit noisy. However, I think that it is also the netizens who want to use this method to urge Nanjing to do a good job in epidemic prevention work, don’t always think about dumping the pot.

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