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On April 3, 2021, Mao Xinyu took his wife and children to Kaihui Town, Changsha County for a sacrifice and sweep, and visited the former residence of Yang Kaihui in Itakura. (Web image)

Ching Ming Festivalcoming soonleader of the communist party of chinaMao ZedonggrandsonMao Xinyubring the whole familygrave sweepingdaysFor a long time, Mao Xinyu was accused of being a member of the CCPRed second generationA caricature-like character, every time he appears, he attracts attention, and the most frequently discussed one is the old news about “Mao Zedong didn’t see his only grandson until his death”.

Mao Xinyu’s own statement contradicts himself

Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong’s faction background, “Duoweiwang” published an article on April 8, 2019, stating that on November 25, 1950, Mao Anying, the eldest son of Mao Zedong, was in Dayudong, Dongchang-myeon, Changseong County, North Pyongan Province, North Korea (now Dayu, Dongchang County) Labor Area) died in action, Mao Zedong was very sad after hearing the news. Mao Xinyu recorded in the book “Mother Shao Hua”: “So people can imagine how happy my 77-year-old grandfather was when the news of my birth reached Zhongnanhai on January 17, 1970! “At this time, Mao Zedong’s eldest grandson was born, so he should meet him quickly, but he never saw Mao Xinyu in his whole life.

Mao XinyuIn the book “Mother Shaohua”, he explained: “According to common sense, Mao Zedong, who has become a grandfather, should enjoy the family happiness of having his grandchildren. Mao Zedong “couldn’t spare time at all.”

Incredibly, Hunan Daily, the official newspaper of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, reported on September 9, 2016 that Mao Xinyu pointed out, “I was born in 1970. When I was 3 to 4 years old, my mother Shao Hua regularly visited Some opportunities took me to Zhongnanhai. I have met and stayed with my grandpa, but I don’t live happily with my grandpa like many ordinary grandchildren.”

The article in “Duowei” said that the author of “Mother Shao Hua” was Mao Xinyu, and the “Hunan Daily” reported that Mao Xinyu himself expressed his position. Isn’t this contradictory? I am afraid that only Mao Xinyu knows the truth.

Mao Zedong didn’t see Mao Xinyu and said a lot

According to the CCP, Mao Xinyu is the son of Mao Anqing and Shao Hua, and the only grandson of Mao Zedong. Shao Hua’s middle school classmate, female writer, and former editor-in-chief of “Family” magazine Liu Ming once revealed that Mao Zedong had never seen Mao Xinyu until his death.

An article published in “Military Frontier” stated that the author was “unbelievable” that Mao did not see his grandson until his death. After consulting the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s Documentation Room and Mao Xinyu’s own published three books reminiscing about Mao Zedong, there was no Find any photos of grandparents and grandchildren.

You know, Shao Hua is well-known for her hobby of photography. She used to be the chairman of the China Photographers Association. She took many photos of Mao Zedong and Mao Xinyu, but she never took a photo of Mao and his grandson!

Shao Hua’s explanation for this strange phenomenon was that she was unwilling to let her son enter Zhongnanhai because she was afraid of Mao Zedong’s wifeJiang QingHe was cruel and cruel, and he didn’t know what would happen.

But it is generally believed that although the ruthless Jiang Qing could play tricks and drive Mao’s daughter Li Min out of Zhongnanhai, he did not dare to offend the male members of the Mao family.

For example, regarding Mao Anying, everyone knows that Jiang Qing was most afraid of Mao Anying. Someone once recalled that Mao Anying reprimanded Jiang Qing. You can leave if you don’t want to be with your father. Why did you quarrel with your father? Jiang Qing didn’t dare to say anything.

For Mao Yuanxin, Mao Zedong’s nephew, Jiang Qing even regarded him as his own. So, how dare she kill Mao Zedong’s only grandson?

Another theory refers to Mao Zedong’s old age and lack of energy to accompany his grandson.

Mao Xinyu was born in January 1970. When Mao Zedong issued a statement in Tiananmen Square on May 20 of the same year, he once stood there for two hours. On the evening of May 1, 1971, I walked several times to the Tiananmen Gate Tower. Moreover, even in the months before Mao’s death, he was still able to meet with Bhutto, who was then Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As for the news being blocked, the speculation that Mao Zedong did not know that he had a grandson is also unlikely. Mao was China’s “Emperor of Earth” until his death. Who would dare to block the news from him?

Therefore, the author of the article pointed out that it was not that Mao Zedong could not see him, but that he firmly did not want to see this “grandson”.

Mao Zedong Shao Hua
Mao Zedong and his daughter-in-law Shao Hua clasped their fingers tightly. (Web image)

Why did Mao Zedong not see his only “grandson”?

Why did Mao Zedong not want to see this “grandson”? Some people speculated that Mao Zedong knew that Mao Xinyu had no blood relationship with him.

Speculation about Mao Anqing’s infertility has long been circulating among the people. Mao Anqing only married Shao Hua at the age of 37, and she had no history of marriage and love before, which is already strange in itself. It is even more doubtful that Mao Xinyu was born after 10 years of marriage.

Since then, Mao Anqing has not been able to make Shao Hua bear children, which almost proves that he is not fertile. At that time, family planning was not implemented, and Mao Anqing was already Mao Zedong’s only son. It was only natural for the couple to try to have more grandchildren for Mao.

Therefore, it is widely speculated that Mao Xinyu was not born to Mao Anqing. Mao Zedong, who knew the inside story, naturally didn’t want to see this so-called grandson at all.

Beijing’s Yanhuang Chunqiu once published an oral article by the CCP called Lin Biao’s “Four King Kong” Huang Yongsheng’s eldest son Huang Chunguang, saying that Mao Xinyu was born to former CCP Premier Zhou Enlai through artificial insemination arranged by his parents Mao Anqing and Shao Hua.

Huang Chunguang said that Zhou Enlai arranged for Mao Anqing and Shao Hua to undergo a rigorous physical examination in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing 301 Hospital. Every day, their physical conditions, such as body temperature and blood pressure, were sent to Huang Yongsheng’s desk.

In Huang’s impression, the sperm retrieval process was not smooth. The first artificial insemination was unsuccessful, and the second one was successful.

In January 1970, Mao Xinyu was finally born, and everyone was overjoyed, but Mao Zedong was not interested in his grandson. Mao ignored the first staff member who announced the good news to him. When the second nurse reported to him, he stopped the book he was reading and said nonchalantly: “Oh, there is one more mouth to eat in the world. .” Mao never met his only grandson.

It was previously reported that Mao Xinyu’s biological father was Xu Wenbo. According to reports, Shao Hua introduced Mao Anqing, the only remaining son of Mao Zedong who returned from medical treatment in the Soviet Union, to Mao Anqing in 1959 under the auspices of his mother Zhang Wenqiu.

At that time, Shao Hua already had a boyfriend, Xu Wenbo, the eldest son of the CCP general Xu Haidong. Zhang Wenqiu separated the two alive, and Mao Anqing married Shao Hua in 1960. Mao Anqing had intellectual problems. After they got married, their lives were difficult to live in harmony. Ten years later, Shao Hua gave birth to Mao Xinyu.

The insiders all pointed out that Mao Xinyu’s fat is completely different from that of the Mao family. The Mao family’s facial flesh is loose, while Mao Xinyu’s cheeks have two big, firm lumps that protrude forward. , this is exactly the characteristic of the Xu family.

There is also a commentary on the Internet “Why did Mao Zedong not see his only grandson?” Mao Zedong was very aware that Mao Anqing had no sexual ability, and there was no way to talk about having a son. Mao’s ability to tolerate his daughter-in-law’s cheating was helpless, but it was impossible. Accepting Mao Xinyu, who has no blood relationship with the Mao family, as his grandson, of course he cannot meet him.

Another theory is that Mao Xinyu is Mao Zedong’s biological son, and he has no face to meet Mao Xinyu, who is his grandson in name but actually his son.

In the pictures on the Internet, Mao Zedong took a group photo with his son and daughter-in-law. It has become a habit for Mao Zedong to interlock his fingers with his daughter-in-law Shaohua quietly with his right hand. The author said: “When Mao Anqing and Shaohua met to discuss marriage, Mao held Shaohua’s hand for a long time and did not let go. Mao told Shaohua in body language: In name you are marrying your son, but in fact you are marrying Lao Tzu.”

It is said that Mao Xinyu’s two “aunts” Li Min and Li Na, and his “cousin” Mao Yuanxin refused to worship Mao Zedong with Mao Xinyu.

This yearChing MingWell, if Mao Xinyu wanted to pay homage, it would still be a family of four. It’s just that Mao Zedong’s “grandson” who never saw him until his death, after his death, every time it’s Qingming, he can see him if he doesn’t want to!

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