Quad leaders target the Chinese navy, “Real-time monitoring of the South-East China Sea”

“Strong opposition to dangerous activities in conflict zones”
Declaring ‘Partnership with 印太’ to Track Illegal Fishing

Quad leaders head-to-head to “contain China” The leaders of the “Quad”, a security cooperation organization between the United States, Japan, Australia, and India, speak ahead of a summit meeting held at the Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo, Japan, on the 24th. From left, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanage, US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Quad leaders started building a Chinese encirclement network on the same day by introducing a satellite-based tracking system to curb China’s maritime activities. Provided by Asahi Shimbun

On the 24th, the leaders of the “Quad”, a security consultative body of four countries, including the US President Joe Biden, the US, Japan, Australia, and India agreed to introduce a real-time maritime surveillance and tracking system to de facto suppress Chinese naval activities.

At a summit held in Tokyo, Japan, the Quad leaders said, “We cannot tolerate any attempt to change the status quo by unilateral force in the East and South China Seas in the East and South China Seas.” We strongly oppose the The Indo-Pacific Maritime Area Awareness Partnership (IPMDA) was announced to track illegal fishing. The Marine Militia is engaged in fishing, but is actually used by the Chinese Coast Guard and naval operations, the Financial Times reported.

It suggested that China could monitor Chinese naval activities in the East China Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including the South China Sea, which China claims but does not recognize by the United States and Southeast Asian countries. In the East China Sea, there is the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands), where Taiwan, which has emerged as a gunpowder for the US-China conflict, and China and Japan are in dispute.

Quad “opposition to the activities of the Chinese maritime militia in conflict zones”… Block China’s pursuit of maritime hegemony

Joint statement at the Tokyo Quad Summit
China’s role as a de facto quasi-naval unit, dispatching to conflict zones… US-China military tensions escalate
Biden: “Democracy vs. Authoritarianism”… China check in all directions, including strengthening 5G cooperation
China dispatches Foreign Minister Wang Yi to quad base bases such as Solomon Islands… counter to the US

The leaders of the “Quad”, a security consultative body of the four countries of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India, hold their second summit in Tokyo, Japan, on the 24th. The leaders of the four countries agreed to establish a maritime tracking system to track China’s illegal fishing and marine militia activities in real time, and to strengthen monitoring of North Korean shipments that violate sanctions against North Korea. Front row, second from left, clockwise: US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanage. Tokyo = AP News

The decision of the US-led Indo-Pacific security cooperation organization ‘Quad’ to introduce a real-time monitoring system for China’s maritime activities at the Tokyo summit in Japan on the 24th is interpreted as a clear signal to block China’s pursuit of maritime hegemony. In the East China Sea, where the Taiwan Strait and the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands) are located, the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, where China and Southeast Asian countries are in dispute over territorial sovereignty, they will begin building a siege network in earnest. In particular, the Quad leaders said in a joint statement that they strongly oppose the activities of the Coast Guard Ship and the Marine Militia, a paranaval unit that China dispatches to disputed maritime territorial disputes. Tensions in military clashes between the US and China are likely to escalate. Quad also strengthened cooperation in the 5G mobile communication supply chain to exclude China from the 5G mobile communication equipment market, which is led by Chinese Huawei, etc. Agreed on ‘Open Ran’ cooperation. Following the inauguration of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), China has established an all-round containment system in trade, technology, and maritime security. The Quad leaders also agreed on cooperation for the complete denuclearization of North Korea and the immediate resolution of the issue of Japanese abductees, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said.

○ Quad, “Strongly opposed” to the activities of the Chinese semi-naval forces

“The world is at a turning point,” US President Joe Biden said at the Quad Summit. He continued, “The war in Ukraine, a democracy versus authoritarian structure, is not only a European issue, but a global issue.” “This should not happen in the Indo-Pacific,” Kishida said.

The satellite-based real-time maritime tracking system promoted by Quad will turn off the Automatic Ship Identification System (AIS) and monitor the illegal fishing of moving Chinese ships as well as the activities of the maritime militia that helps the Chinese naval activities in real time.

The Biden administration announced that it would establish a satellite-based maritime tracking system through bases installed in Singapore in the South China Sea, India in the Indian Ocean, and the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu in the South Pacific. A senior Biden administration official said, “We will have the capacity to know what’s happening on the coasts of Southeast Asia, the Pacific and South Asia, and each country’s exclusive economic zone.”

It is expected that it will be possible to track and monitor the movement of Chinese warships they help along with the Chinese maritime militia. The Marine Militia, called ‘Little Blue Man’ in a blue uniform, is a quasi-naval unit that receives training and support from the Chinese Navy. China is deploying a tactic to prevent other countries from entering the waters by deploying marine militia along with illegal fishing vessels in disputed areas such as the South China Sea.

Under China’s acquiescence, the surveillance of North Korean ships that violate North Korea sanctions and engage in illegal transshipment activities in the East China Sea etc. is expected to be strengthened.

○ China responds by sending a delegation to the quad base

China announced on the same day that Foreign Minister Wang Yi would visit eight countries in the South Pacific, including the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, from the 26th. China, which has signed a security agreement allowing warships to be dispatched to the Solomon Islands, has launched a counter-response against Quad, which has used the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu as its base for monitoring Chinese ships.

“The US and Japan are seriously undermining China’s territorial sovereignty by distorting the truth,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Promoting camp confrontation is a threat to the international maritime order.”

Washington = Byung-ki Moon, Correspondent [email protected]
Tokyo = Correspondent Lee Sang-hoon [email protected]
Beijing = Correspondent Kim Ki-yong [email protected]

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