Quadruple murder in 2015: Will Fissenou Sacko be considered irresponsible?

In a great silence, Fissenou Sacko appears on the screens of the courtroom of the Court of Appeal of Grenoble (Isère). Videoconferencing from the Unit for Difficult Patients (UMD) Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) where he is interned. Relatives of the victims of four murders perpetrated in 2015 began to cry. "This is the first time we see it. He haunts our nightmares for three years. He killed my mother with stones. He must be judged, "says Antoinette Chevalier sobbing.

Fissenou Sacko, aged 23 years, is accused of killing four people on December 26, 2015, during a bloody journey in the Drôme and Vaucluse. But this man could never be tried, which causes the anger of the families of the victims. The psychiatric experts concluded "the abolition of discernment" of the young man at the time of the facts.

This Monday, November 25 was held before the investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal of Grenoble what is now called "an audience of fools." Since 2008, the law provides, in cases where the criminal irresponsibility of a murderer is likely to be retained, the organization of a public hearing, in the presence of the author of the facts and the civil parties. It is at the end of this contradictory debate that the magistrates of the court of appeal must confirm, or not, the criminal irresponsibility of the person concerned.

A dozen convictions to his credit

In this case, the three colleges of experts (eight doctors in total) who examined Fissenou Sacko came to the same conclusion: the latter suffers from schizophrenia. At the time of the events, he heard voices telling him to hurt and even kill, victim of delirious puffs. The abolition of his discernment must therefore be retained.

Originally from Beauvais (Oise), Fissenou Sacko already had a dozen convictions before his four murders. For narcotics, property and personal injury cases. On the other hand, he had no psychiatric history.

On December 25, 2015, from Beauvais (Oise), he took the train to Paris, then to Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). Without ticket. After an altercation with controllers, he went down to Valence station (Drôme). Very excited, he is taken to the hospital. From where he escapes. On December 26, around 2:45, he kills a first time. Paulette Guyon, 79, is stabbed in bed in Chabeuil (Drôme). Then around 5 am, he attacks a retired couple from Montvendre (Drôme). Marie-Thérèse Philibert and her husband Bernard, 65, receive respectively 27 and 23 stab wounds. The same day, in the parking lot of a supermarket in Orange (Vaucluse), Fissenou Sacko throws a stone on the head of Renée Chevalier, 65, who will die of his injuries.

" I was sick. I had hallucinations »

Hervé Philibert, son of the retired couple killed, reads a letter to his daughter: "By killing my grandparents, this monster, this assassin has destroyed our lives. We are told that this man may not be judged for this act. Is this normal? "

Fissenou Sacko "smoked up to 15 joints a day. He also used cocaine, "insists Alain Fort, a lawyer for the Philibert family. "On December 25, 2015, before heading south, he took crack while knowing that it made him violent. And then he came to the Philibert's to steal their car. That's why he killed them. He then stole money to buy gas. He's not that crazy. It must be returned to a court of assizes, "argues the lawyer.

The President gives the floor to Fissenou Sacko, impassive since the beginning of the hearing: "During the facts, I was sick. I had hallucinations, a feeling of persecution. I had a hard time understanding what I did, "he says, indignantly at the families of the victims. For the general lawyer, Marie-Gabrielle Ratel, Fissenou Sacko is schizophrenic and therefore criminally irresponsible.

The investigating chamber will render its decision on 17 December.

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