Qualcomm changes the name of its Snapdragon processors

Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon mobile processors, is changing the way it will name its future products. And in the short term, the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands will no longer be fully linked, but will be differentiated on specific products.

Basically, the company will use Snapdragon as an independent brand that will keep its traditional logos (mainly the fireball) but change some nomenclatures.

So far, processors have a three-digit name plus a number (Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 732, etc.), but that will change and get simpler, as is already happening with processors from desktop like the Snapdragon 7c, which in its new generation was simply called Gen 2.

For example, Qualcomm’s upcoming chips will be called Snapdragon 8-series, plus a number identifying the generation to which they correspond. Also, the addition of “5G” to the names of the processors will be removed, because from now on they will all support 5G and therefore will not need this additional name.

In addition to the nomenclature, there will be other distinctive elements for each product, which will be the colors of the labels. The top of the range will use a gold label, while the other categories will have other colors that will be revealed in due course.

The first product to comply with Snapdragon’s new rules will be the next mobile processor, although Qualcomm has limited itself to saying that it is a high-end product and is part of the Snapdragon 8-line. series.

This way Qualcomm gets rid of a problem that might arise in the future when there are no more numbers to use.

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