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Qualifying for the World Cup: the Blue take place against Kazakhstan (6-0) and keep the lead of their group

There was not the slightest suspense. After barely nine minutes of play, the match was already folded for the Blues against very weak Kazakhstanis, with two goals signed Viviane Asseyi and Delphine Cascarino. And very quickly, the spectators of the Rabine stadium in Vannes understood that they were going to experience a remake of the first leg, where the French women’s team had won 5-0. She finally did a little better, with a more flattering score (6-0), and goals from Katoto, Perisset, Gauvin and Dali.

Thanks to this new victory, the fifth in as many games in these qualifiers for the World Cup, the Blues keep the lead of their group in front of Wales. The Welsh will also be the next opponent of Corinne Deacon’s team on Tuesday. The French women’s stay in Brittany is off to a good start, but it is still difficult to judge their true level, seven months before the European Championship organized from July 6 to 31, 2022 in England.

Despite the limited adversity of the Kazakhstanis, the coach was able to regret the sometimes stereotypical game of her players who, moreover, were not always technically fair, nor sharp in front of the cage.

First selection for Selma Bacha

At the Rabine stadium, almost full with 5.584 spectators, Deacon had chosen at the kickoff to spare all the usual Parisians, with the exception of the center forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto, his serial goalscorer who scored a ninth time in five matches this season, head (24th, 3-0), before giving way to the break.

Eager to continue her workforce review, the boss of the Blue has thus offered a tenure to usual replacements, such as Hawa Cissoko in central defense, Kenza Dali in the middle, Viviane Asseyi and Delphine Cascarino on the sides of the attack.

The last three responded, showing themselves available and keen to try to take back the opposing defensive block. In their attempts, they received weighty support with Selma Bacha, not at all inhibited by her very first selection, at 21, four days after replacing in the group Sakina Karchaoui, injured and forfeited.

The left side of Olympique Lyonnais has multiplied forays into the Kazakhstan camp, offered solutions in his lane, made his speed and technique speak, centered a lot and even tried his luck from afar (65th).

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