Quantum communication takes its first steps in Nice

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Researchers from the Inphyni laboratory are already preparing the networking of the computers of the future. Their goal: to send information in a synchronized and secure way.

Thanks to the efforts of Google or IBM, the quantum computer is gradually becoming a reality. But how will we do in the future for these devices to work together or exchange information? This question already mobilizes many researchers. In Nice, the experiments even take a concrete turn thanks to the efforts of Inphyni, a physics laboratory. It is developing the first bricks of a quantum communication system that will link the Valrose campus to the Inria Sophia-Antipolis center, located 35 km away, using fiber optics and entangled photons.

“These elementary particles of light can be separated, sent to two different places and remain perfectly correlated,” explains Virginia D’Auria, teacher-researcher and member of Inphyni. In other words, the measurements made on the two elements always give the same results. This property, only observed in the world of the infinitely small and called entanglement, plays a central role. “It allows quantum computers in development to perform calculations in parallel and therefore surpass – for certain types of problems – our current supercomputers. But it is also it which allows to convey information from end to end. ‘another from a network in a secure manner “, explains Virginia D’Auria.

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