world Quarantine can bring tension to families - and increases...

Quarantine can bring tension to families – and increases the risk of domestic violence – Observer


The psychologist recalls, however, that all of these factors, despite explaining the phenomenon, cannot be justified, nor should an aggression be excused because the aggressor was in stress.Quarantine is no excuse. As in other cases, the victim cannot think that an aggression is of an occasional and punctual character and say: ‘This happened because it was due to … ’. Victims will always try to find a justification for what happened, be it quarantine or whatever, ”he added.

In cases where there was already domestic violence, the current pandemic environment is, in the words of the psychologist at APAV, “enabling it to continue and to worsen it”. Why? On the one hand, the “Power” of the aggressor “is much better established”. On the other hand, “Victim cannot leave“. “The exercise of power, if it was already regular, becomes more than regular. There is no more time for fear – when the person arrived home or when the aggressor was close by. Now, he and she are there ”, says psychologist Daniel Cotrim.

What changes? Right from the start, the behavior of the victims changes, so as not to increase the degree of violence. The APAV psychologist gives examples: “If [as vítimas] no longer confronted the aggressor, they will spend much less to do so, will start to question what he or she says a lot less, will accept all the rules much more easily, will even allow situations of sexual violence. If there was already consent, it ends up being much more accepted, not least because, in addition to the victims, now the children are at home too ”. Exactly the fact that the children are also at home, with their parents, can enhance some aggression – especially when the aggressor used to be “distanced from the family nucleus”.

The important thing is to report – which, in this context, can be even more difficult, since the aggressor is right next door, throughout the day. The question of how do you get report without the aggressor or aggressor notice, the psychologist replies: “You can do it through your cell phones, sending messages or emails and then deleting this record. The victim can contact APAV by email, but the easiest will always be through social networks. The security forces continue to function ”.


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