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The Bogotá Mayor’s Office decided this week that the towns of Usaquén, Suba and Engativá should enter a strict quarantine for two weeks (runs until January 18 at 00:00 hours) due to the rapid increase in new coronavirus infections. .

But, given the level of contagion and the occupation of the ICU, he established the hospital red alert and It also resolved that from 11:59 pm on Thursday, January 7, until 4:00 am on Tuesday, January 12, the entire capital will have to submit to strict confinement measures.

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After the news, citizens were left with several doubts about the possibility of developing daily activities. Here we tell you the details of some of them.

One of the most common questions has to do with people who were in other cities and must return to Bogotá in the next few days. Would there be restrictions for those travelers? The short answer is no.

When communicating the new decisions of her Administration, Mayor Claudia López pointed out that these people can enter the capital “with ease.” Likewise, keep in mind that this does not mean that they can circulate within the city, but that they can return to their homes without major complications.

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“I want to be clear, everyone who (lives) in the city of Bogotá and is returning, whether by bus, by car or by plane, can do so. But he must return with the strict and permanent use (of the mask), “said the president.

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And he asked citizens to be careful with biosecurity protocols during the journeys. Above all, he invited them to avoid eating food during travel, as this implies removing the mask and risking contagion.

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Likewise, the Mayor’s Office emphasized the importance of maintaining voluntary isolation for seven days after returning from his trip. In the event that you notice any symptoms of the new coronavirus during this period, it is important that you report it to your EPS or to the city’s Health Secretariat.

And for people who need to get out of the city? As expressed by Claudia López, in those cases there will be no restrictions either. Inter-municipal trips are not prohibited and can continue to be done.

What he did warn is that, as in other parts of the country, the municipalities of Cundinamarca are under curfew measures, so citizens will have to abide by them whether they are in the capital or traveling to other destinations.

Can you go out to exercise?

With Decree 10 of 2021, which was issued to regulate current measures, The Mayor’s Office referred to various activities that citizens can continue to carry out. There they point out that, for example, to buy food you will have to follow a specific schedule (between 5:00 am and 7:59 pm) and only one person per family unit can do it.

One of the excepted activities is exercise. Although it also has its guidelines, it must be “for a maximum period of one hour a day, except for the so-called high performance”.

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How it should be done in the case of minors was specified. “Children and adolescents must be accompanied by an adult caregiver, who may take care of a maximum of three minors”, reads the Decree.

And it was established that the use of public gyms and parks should be avoided. In addition, the use of a mask and social distancing must be permanent.

Likewise, the people who can continue to circulate are listed. And it is noted that the towns of Usaquén, Suba and Engativá will continue with the same quarantine measures stipulated above and that in Kennedy, Fontibón and Teusaquillo from January 12 until 11:59 pm on January 21 there will be strict quarantine.

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