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The Executive Branch released the list of activities that will be allowed during the mandatory social immobilization () in the regions included in the extreme health alert level. As announced on January 26 by the President of the Republic, , the confinement will be – initially – for 15 days, from January 31 to February 14.

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It should be noted that the regions included in the extreme level are Ancash, Pasco, Huánuco, Junín, Huancavelica, Ica, Apurímac, Lima Region, Metropolitan Lima and Callao.

In addition, people who have to carry out the following activities must carry a transit pass to be able to go out to work during quarantine days. This document will be obtained from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. from January 31st.

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List of allowed activities

Agriculture, livestock, hunting and forestry:

  • All activities in the field, inputs and related services.

Fishing and aquaculture:

  • All activities in the field, inputs and related services.

Energy, hydrocarbons and mining:

  • All activities in the field, inputs and related services.

Primary and non-primary manufacturing:

  • All activities in the field, inputs and related services.


  • All activities in the field, inputs and related services. Includes projects of national interest (licenses, procedures, acquisition and transport of goods, services and personnel, as well as activities related to the logistics chain).
  • Architecture and engineering activities for licensing, supervision, work inspection and information gathering.


  • Maintenance and repair of non-motorized vehicles, motor vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Acquisition, production and supply services for food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities.

City services:

  • Waste water evacuation.
  • Collection, treatment and distribution of water.
  • Disaster risk prevention activities.
  • Maintenance of public spaces and green areas.
  • Cleaning and collection of solid waste.

General services:

  • Assistance and care for older adults, girls, boys, adolescents, dependents, people with disabilities or people in vulnerable situations.
  • Health services and establishments, includes dentistry, rehabilitation, assisted reproduction, diagnosis, ophthalmology, veterinary medicine.
  • Production, storage, marketing, transportation, and distribution activities for the continuity of water, sanitation, domestic gas and fuel services.
  • Media.
  • Financial entities, insurance and pensions and related activities.
  • Transportation of cargo, merchandise and related activities.
  • Passenger transport by rail, sea and river, includes cabotage.
  • Flow transportation.
  • Service activities related to air, rail, land, sea and river transport, including cabotage.
  • Non-commercial aeronautical activities.
  • Activities related to air transport.
  • Messaging activities (postal service, parcels, delivery).
  • Freight transport service for moving, household goods or related activities.
  • Categorized hotels, lodging (apart hotel) and tourist transport for essential activities.
  • Hostels, hostels and lodging establishments not classified and categorized.
  • Telecommunications and related activities, includes repair.
  • Rental and operating leasing of motor vehicles.
  • Rental and operating leasing of other types of machinery, equipment and tangible goods.
  • Private security activities.
  • Transport services.
  • Distribution and sale of print media.
  • Security systems service activities.
  • IT support activities and repair of computer equipment.
  • Funeral services.
  • Notary services.
  • Recycling services.
  • Container and packaging activities.
  • Storage services for fertilizers and agricultural raw materials, plastic articles, glass, paper, cardboard, wood sawing, ice for activities in general.
  • Carpentry, plumbing, electricity, appliance maintenance and equipment repair services, includes maintenance of equipment related to buildings and homes.
  • Laundry services, hardware stores, cleaning services.
  • Telephone switchboard activities, includes call centers with 50% capacity.
  • Legal activities. Defense attorneys’ interviews with persons deprived of their liberty in prisons are carried out virtually or by telephone, in accordance with the Law.
  • Technical tests and analysis for permitted economic activities.
  • Research, innovation and experimental development related to permitted economic activities.
  • Activities of the headquarters.
  • Combined activities to support facilities associated with cleaning services, support for buildings and maintenance of gardens.
  • Banks and financial entities.


  • General stores, shopping malls, galleries, conglomerates and department stores.
  • Restaurants and the like.
  • Basic product supply stores, supermarkets, warehouses and pharmacies.

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