Quarantine increases household electricity bills by up to 50%

The state of alarm obliges citizens to remain at home, so electricity consumption in homes has increased due to telecommuting, lunch, dinner and the high use of electronic devices. This increase translates into an increase in the electricity bill of about 26 euros on average for each household with four members, that is, 50% more than a regular receipt.

The calculation, carried out by Selectra, indicates that the greater use of the glass ceramic supposes an extra expense of about 13 euros a month, four euros in the case of television and two euros for the oven. Using a laptop makes the bill more expensive by about three euros a month. All this for a four-member house, with an installed power of 4.6 kWh and a consumption of 3,500 kWh.

In the case of a household with two members -installed power of 3.5 kWh and a consumption of 3,000 kWh-, the extra cost is about 16 euros on average per month, which represents an increase of 36% compared to a standard invoice of 44 euros, according to Selectra data.

This increase in the cost of the bill may be even greater if electricity prices continue to rise. In March, until yesterday, the rate that most of the domestic consumers (pvpc) have has risen 10%.

Despite the increase in household electricity consumption, it has fallen in companies and has plummeted in SMEs. Demand on Monday was almost 10% lower than on Monday, March 2, according to REE data. .

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