Quarantine is like a nightmare and flying whales. What do people dream about during the COVID-19 pandemic

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During the pandemic, many had dreams of how they choke from the fact that they got an insect in their nose

When a pandemic swept the world last year, there were reports of striking vivid dreams that people began to see. The rapidly changing world has plunged humanity into stress – and this is reflected in dreams. Now that we are all accustomed to the new reality, have our dreams changed? What do people see when they go to bed?

Here are some descriptions of dreams that have been sent to us by the BBC readers.

“I walk along the beach, and the sea is teeming with sharks. And I walk and wonder why people do not maintain social distance,” says Fiona Remedge from the Scottish city of Dundee. She admits that now she constantly dreams of a pandemic, and these dreams are sometimes accompanied by the fear of coughing.

Sayaka, who moved to the UK from Japan with her family, says her seven-year-old daughter “sits at home all the time” in her dreams, and her parents “wear masks and wash their hands all the time.”

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