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A resident of the English county of Essex videotaped how violators of the quarantine introduced in the country due to a new coronavirus infection had sex in a public park Thorndon Country. The Sun drew attention to the record.

On Sunday, May 31, the British walked in the park when she noticed a naked couple in the grass. Offenders made love, not paying attention to other visitors to the park. “I can’t believe it,” says one of the eyewitnesses. – The park was packed with people. The people around were indignant and amazed at what was happening right before our eyes. This is unthinkable, given that the UK is in quarantine. ”

The interlocutor of the publication emphasized that parks are the only place where the British are allowed to go. “And this sick couple imagined that copulating in a family park at 11 am, and even in front of children, is normal,” he complained. – Yes, we are allowed to play sports on the street, but, obviously, their activity required privacy. Fortunately, the patrols inspected the park and caught them. ”

Whether violators of the order were brought to responsibility is not specified.

Previously, a cyclist filmed as a couple had sex a few meters from Buckingham Palace. Mounted police drove out the lovers, making him a comment about the violation of social distance.

In late May, it was reported that US residents began to massively violate quarantine and neglect security rules to have sex. Many violators escaped the consequences, but there are cases when, as a result of such behavior, people became infected with the coronavirus.

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