Quebec is studying the option of Christmas dinners for ten people from three different households

The Quebec government is studying the possibility of authorizing Christmas dinners for ten people from three different households, but no decision has yet been made.

This is what the Prime Minister, François Legault, said Monday, when questioned about information first reported by the CBC.

“There are several hypotheses that are looked at [mais] obviously, it is too early to decide the number of people. Will it be five? Will it be ten? […] This is part of the discussions we have with public health, and I can guarantee you that no decision has been taken, ”he explained.

The Prime Minister offered the same answer regarding the possibility of schools being closed from December 11 to January 11.

“Is schools better to close them earlier or later?” It is too early to answer these questions, ”said the CAQ leader.

As to whether announcements on these issues could be made this week, François Legault remained cautious.

“The situation [de la pandémie au Québec], as you know, has changed a lot in the last few weeks. We will monitor the situation in the coming days and then when we have the best possible picture of what is to come around December 25, well we will let you know, ”he concluded.


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