Quebecers more numerous and worried in thrift stores

Faced with inflation and soaring prices, more and more Quebecers are going to thrift stores.

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At the Renaissance stores, we are seeing the arrival of new customers who are particularly concerned about rising costs in all sectors.

“Today, we have the same portfolio, so how can we live with the children who will be going back to school in September, the summer which is coming with the holidays, the return to face-to-face work?”, Says the general manager of Renaissance, Éric St-Arnaud.

According a Léger–Le Journal–TVA–QUB poll unveiled on Thursday, 75 of Quebecers intend to cut their spending. And 12% of respondents believe they will need to reduce their grocery bill.

“It’s really sad to see people who can cut their groceries,” laments Mr. St-Arnaud.

The latter recognizes that concern is increasingly felt among his customers, for whom budgets seem increasingly tight.

“Leisure, you can expect, but food or medicine, you can’t expect that. It’s not normal,” he said.

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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