Quebecker Gabriella made America’s Got Talent a shambles

Gabriella hesitated before accepting the offer ofAmerica’s Got Talent, but after an audition in front of 10 million televiewers which delighted the judges, Tuesday evening, with NBC, the Quebec artist is delighted to have tried his luck. “It was really a beautiful moment, it was unrealistic. I enjoyed every second. “

She’s not the only one. The four judges complimented the singer-violinist after her performance of Goodbye My Lover, by James Blunt, which earned him a standing ovation.

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” It was superb. The violin is a perfect complement to your beautiful voice, ”praised Sofia Vergara.

Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum were also charmed by her voice. “You are angelic,” Mandel told her.

After pointing out that she had been at her best during the second part of the song, Simon Cowell voted yes. The other three followed without being asked.

It wasn’t a surprise. We already knew that Gabriella had seduced the judges since her hearing had been posted on Monday morning on the Instagram page ofAmerica’s Got Talent (EIGHT), but we did not know what they would say to him after his performance.

A long flirtation preceded this magical moment.

On three occasions, the producers ofEIGHT invited Gabriella to participate in the auditions. The first time was in 2018, two years after participating in The Voice. “I was in France, I was touring my second album, I was with Polydor. I wasn’t really into it, ”she explains.

EIGHT returned to the charge at the start of 2020, but the pandemic knocked the project down. It was finally last fall, after a third raise, that Gabriella decided to go for it.

“I really hesitated for a long time because I didn’t want to do a show like that again. I told myself that I was going to see it as a performance, like a show and I told myself that I was going to wonder all my life what would have happened if I had said no. “

Once the decision was made, you had to find the right song. Gabriella had already had a happy hand in opting for The Scientist, of Coldplay, during his blind audition at The Voice.

For EIGHT, she says she tried several songs before deciding on Goodbye My Lover.

“I’ve been singing it since I was 14. She has the most touching lyrics in the world. She makes me cry every time. “

Photo courtoisie, America’s Got Talent

In order to be fully prepared, she practiced for two months full time. “Apart from the musiparks last year, we haven’t had many concerts since the start of the pandemic. I had to re-coach myself to go there. I took singing lessons with a private teacher and saw a violinist from the Orchester symphonique de Montréal to make sure this “two minutes” was up to my expectations. “

He was.


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