Queen Camilla’s Future: What Happens if the King Dies?

2023-06-03 03:00:33

They are the newly crowned royal couple of Great Britain: König Charles III. and King consort Camilla. The succession to the throne is settled. But what happens when Camilla outlives her husband? The 75-year-old would not become a monarch – even if she is currently referred to as queen. If Charles (74), who is fortunately in excellent health, dies, he will have a son William in the second new king. Camilla’s new title would then be “Queen Dowager”. Such a case has already happened.

The father of Queen Elizabeth II., König George VI., died on February 6, 1952. Queen Elizabeth’s mother only died 50 years later – on March 30, 2002. “Queen Mum”, as she was popularly known, had gained a permanent reputation in Great Britain during the Second World War. Contrary to government recommendations to retire to a safe country retreat, George and Elizabeth stayed at Buckingham Palace. They regularly visited those who had been bombed out in London’s working-class East End and encouraged them. Since then, the Queen Mother has been considered to be the most popular member of the British royal family until the end of her life.

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Queen Camilla’s story is an unusual one – through and through. She and Charles met at a polo match in the early 1970s and fell in love. But the confident daughter of the British officer and wine merchant Bruce Middleton Hope Shand and granddaughter of the third Barons Ashcombe was considered insufficiently befitting for a future British king.

married in 1973 Camilla finally instead of the prince his friend Andrew Parker Bowles, an officer in the British Army. The couple have two children: today’s food critic Tom Parker Bowleswhose godfather is Charles, and the curator laura lopes.

1981 followed the “dream wedding” of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The feelings of the heir to the throne for his childhood love remained – and a few years after the wedding, Charles and Camilla their affair again. Then, in 1993, a highly embarrassing media-released recording of an intimate phone call finally ended any doubts about the nature of their relationship.

“Non-negotiable” soulmate

1995 let themselves Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles divorced, followed a year later by Charles and Diana. Many Brits did Camilla then responsible for the failure of the heir to the throne’s marriage to the glamorous and popular princess. After her accidental death in 1997, a quick wedding of the couple was out of the question. However, Charles let it be known that his relationship Camilla “non-negotiable” and that she herself is a “central part” of his life.

Slowly, and with the help of a skilful press work by the court, the British got used to it Camilla as a partner at the side of her heir to the throne. When the couple finally married in April 2005, 20,000 people cheered them on the streets of Windsor. Finally received the seal of royal approval Camilla last year just before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, when she declared that it was her “sincere wish” that the daughter-in-law should bear the title of “queen consort” after her death. With the coronation, she will now become Queen Camilla.

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